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Boys Oct 18, 2016

US Youth Soccer ODP Thanksgiving Interregional U-16 Boys Roster

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Region I rosters have been announced for the 2016 US Youth Soccer Boys ODP Thanksgiving Interregionals, which will be split between Casa Grande, Arizona (November 24-28) and Boca Raton, Florida (November 30 – December 4).

The Arizona event will include 2002-2003 age groups while the Florida event will include 1999-2000 age groups.

U16 (2000) Boys ODP Roster for Inter Regional Event 2016

  • Jack Cisneros (VA)
  • Connor Andrews (VA)
  • Payton Blynne (CT)
  • Carter Beaulieu (NYW)
  • Matt Barresi (ENY)
  • Nick O’Donnell (EPA)
  • Robert Dziejma (NJ)
  • Luke Kasulke (ENY)
  • Connor Hester (VA)
  • Patrick Adams (EPA)
  • Andrew Weber (VA)
  • Shiv Lamba (VA)
  • Bret Halsey (VA)
  • Leo Musacchia (ENY)
  • Alec Kosinski (CT)
  • Josh Luchini (PAW)
  • Cole DiCiccio (ENY)
  • Bardia Kimiavi (VA)

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