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US Club Aug 23, 2023

US Club Soccer announces id2 program schedule for new cycle targeting 2010 age group

CHARLESTON, S.C. – US Club Soccer is preparing its id2 Program to identify and develop the next generation of youth players with a schedule of 2023-24 id2 programming targeted to boys and girls born in 2010.

NPL member leagues and other top leagues will co-host 15 id2 Selection events in the fall and winter, supplemented by various Player Development Programs (PDP) and nationwide scouting. Those efforts lead to a pair of regional id2 Training Camps in December and January, followed by the first-ever id2 National Team Selection Camp in February. The player pools of each event narrows, approaching the acclaimed id2 National Selection International Tour in March/April 2024.

The id2 Program is a leader in player identification and development, as it provides opportunities for elite athletes to be identified, developed and scouted for inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s youth national team programming. The id2 Program is an Olympic Development Program approved by the United States Olympic Committee and the U.S. Soccer Federation. There is no cost for players to participate or be scouted, and all meals, lodging and gear are provided by US Club Soccer and Nike. This approach to eliminating barriers to entry helps ensure the best players are able to participate.

Here is the progression of id2 programming:

id2 Selection events begin later this month, and they serve to scout players for id2 Training Camps. US Club Soccer is co-hosting with the following leagues:

  • Aug. 26 | Co-hosted by Great Lakes Alliance
  • Sept. 2 | Co-hosted by Central States NPL
  • Oct. 1 | Co-hosted by Northern Illinois Soccer League
  • Oct. 1 | Co-hosted by Washington Premier League
  • Oct. 9-10 | Co-hosted by Hawaii Soccer Federation and MISO
  • TBA | Co-hosted by Mountain West NPL
  • Oct. 22 | Co-hosted by South Atlantic Premier League
  • Nov. 4 | Co-hosted by Florida Club Leagues
  • Nov. 4 | Co-hosted by Red River NPL
  • Nov. 18 | Co-hosted by Soccer Alliance of Arizona
  • Nov. 19 | Co-hosted by United Soccer Clubs
  • Nov. 26 | Co-hosted by Virginia Premier Soccer League
  • Nov. 30 | Co-hosted by NorCal Premier
  • Dec. 2 | Co-hosted by Twin Cities Soccer Leagues
  • Dec. 10 | Co-hosted by SOCAL

Additionally, a handful of organizations are hosting Player Development Programs (PDP) to supplement talent for the id2 Selection events. Great Lakes Alliance, NorCal Premier, SOCAL, Twin Cities Soccer Leagues and Virginia Premier Soccer League are all hosting PDPs in their respective regions. TCSL, GLA, Northern Illinois Soccer League and the Iowa-based Club Development League are also collaborating to host the 2nd annual NPL Midwest Select Games, Nov. 4-5, which will include id2 scouting.

The next progression from id2 Selection events are id2 Training Camps, which feature the top 36 boys and 36 girls performers from id2 Selections, as well as other identified players through scouting and recommendations from Directors of Coaching. US Club Soccer is hosting two id2 Regional Training Camps:

  • Dec. 15-17 at TBA location on East Coast
  • Jan. 12-14 at TBA location on West Coast

The penultimate element of the id2 age group cycle targeting 2010-born players is the new id2 National Team Selection Camp, which will be held Feb. 2-4 in a TBA location. This pool will be used to determine the id2 National Selection teams – 18 boys and 18 girls – traveling abroad to play top international academies in March/April 2024. Details about opponents and schedules will be released closer to the 2024 id2 National Selection International Tour.