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Youth Boys Mar 19, 2019

Update from the National League EDP Conferences Leadership Council

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US Youth Soccer National League EDP Conferences leadership council chairman John Ellinger has written a letter to membership, providing updates on the leagues latest developments ahead of the upcoming season.

View the full letter below:

March 18, 2019

As all of us focus on the upcoming Spring season, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued commitment to our sport. Involvement in youth soccer requires a great deal of time and energy and can be challenging with its many highs and lows. Having said that, your loyalty to youth soccer and the development of young players is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of our US Youth Soccer National League EDP Conferences Leadership Council, we thank you. With your support, we have shaped a truly player-focused platform and we could not be more excited about what the future holds.

The Leadership Council was tasked with introducing new and exciting initiatives that will enhance this platform while still remaining true to the game. The following is a brief summary of some innovative new ideas, which frames the investments that EDP is making for our fully-committed clubs.

National League EDP – We have just launched the inaugural season with US Youth Soccer National League EDP Conference play and the feedback has been extremely positive. Our Leadership Council has created numerous pathways to regional and national competitions, which will help clubs grow and see players reach their full potential. So far, we have been well represented at the Boys and Girls National League Series and look forward to hearing that one of our member clubs is crowned National Champions.

Coach Education – This topic is of vital importance and EDP has again shown its commitment to our clubs by investing in education. In the coming years, our clubs will have access to the Coach Education Series, which will provide access to industry professionals from fields such as Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition and Sports Fitness/Periodization.

EDP 1st Team – During its last meeting, the Leadership Council gave approval for the EDP 1st Team. EDP is supporting our efforts to develop players by fully funding a new program for boys and girls ages 11U-12U. The EDP 1st Team starts at the National League EDP Conferences level with tryouts and culminates in exciting opportunities for the final rosters of players to travel and compete with professional academies both nationally and internationally.

Zone 1 – Starting Fall 2019 – 11U and 12U aged players will participate in Pre-National League EDP and National League EDP divisions respectively. Top teams from these groups will compete in an EDP Regional Championship at no extra cost to teams. Specific 10U and younger teams will be selected to participate in 2 festivals at no cost to teams, which will be built into their league play.

EDP Foundation – Higher education opportunities are important to our older youth players. Consequently, the EDP Foundation will award 6 scholarships for post-high school higher education to deserving young athletes. Complete details are available at Additionally, the Foundation will fund the admission for 64 boys and 64 girls to attend the EDP College Combine, which will take place in conjunction with the EDP Cup Spring Showcase in June 2019. You will be asked to nominate players for the combine and there will be an open application as well.

Again, I want to thank you for your continued commitment to our sport and your active participation with EDP. Your input has led to the many program enhancements, which will provide great benefit to our fully-committed members.

On behalf of the Leadership Council, who I want to thank for their thoughtful input, I also want to thank EDP for their willingness to support our shared mission. Together, we will continue to shape youth soccer and address the needs of the membership.

Kind regards,
John Ellinger, Chairman of National League Leadership Council

Click here for a full set of Leadership Council minutes.

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