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ECNL Jan 02, 2015

Tri-State ECNL Florida review: PDA go unbeaten in Sanford

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Teams from the Tri-State area in the Elite Clubs National League headed south to Sanford, Florida for the ECNL Florida showcase event this week to test themselves against other top teams from across the country.

With league play now on hiatus until at least February, it was a good opportunity for some morale-boosting performances and results before a break from competitive action.

Let’s see how they did.


Under-15s 1-3 AHFC (12/28)
Under-16s 0-6 Dallas Texans (12/28)
Under-17s 1-2 Ohio Elite Soccer Academy (12/28)
Under-18s 2-0 Ohio Premier (12/28)

Under-15s 4-0 GSA (12/29)
Under-16s 0-6 San Diego Surf (12/29)
Under-17s 0-1 D’Feeters Soccer Club (12/29)
Under-18s 2-1 NC Fusion (12/29)

Under-15s 2-0 Minnesota Thunder Academy (12/30)
Under-16s 2-2 TSC Hurricane (12/30)
Under-17s 1-1 West Florida Flames (12/30)
Under-18s 0-2 FC Virginia (12/30)

Albertson’s Under-15s recovered from an opening defeat to AHFC to beat both GSA and the Minnesota Thunder Academy without conceding a goal. Meanwhile, their Under-16s went down to heavy defeats to the Dallas Texans and San Diego Surf before tying 2-2 with the TSC Hurricane. Arlie Jones scored a hat-trick for the Surf in their win.

In the Under-17s age group, the Fury lost their first two games before drawing 1-1 with the West Florida Flames, while their Under-18s won their first two games over Ohio Premier and NC Fusion before going down to a 2-0 defeat to FC Virginia.

Connecticut FC

Under-15s 1-2 Vardar FC (12/28)
Under-16s 1-2 Michigan Hawks (12/28)
Under-17s 5-2 Crossfire United (12/28)

Under-15s 2-1 NC Fusion (12/29)
Under-16s 1-1 Texas Rush (12/29)
Connecticut FC logoUnder-17s 2-1 Atlanta Fire (12/29)

Under-15s 0-2 St. Louis Scott Gallagher – MO (12/30)
Under-16s 0-2 St. Louis Scott Gallagher – MO (12/30)
Under-17s 2-0 Minnesota Thunder Academy (12/30)

Connecticut FC’s Under-15s won just once in Florida as they lost to Vardar FC and St. Louis Scott Gallagher and beat the NC Fusion. Gabriala Jodzis and Rachel Rasins scored in Vardar’s win, while the defeat to St. Louis Scott Gallagher marked their final games before March.

Connecticut went winless in the Under-16s age group. Catherine Dager and Madeleine Lucas scored for the Michigan Hawks in their 2-1 victory before Connecticut’s 1-1 tie with the Texas Rush. They rounded off their weekend with a 2-0 defeat to St. Louis Scott Gallagher.

In the Under-17s age group, Connecticut won all three of their games to finish on a high note with a break until early March. Their victories came over Crossfire United, the Atlanta Fire and the Minnesota Thunder Academy.

East Meadow

Under-15s 1-0 GSA (12/28)
Under-16s 1-1 Atlanta Fire (12/28)
Under-17s 2-1 McLean YSA (12/28)
Under-18s 2-3 Internationals SC (12/28)

Under-15s 2-0 Atlanta Fire (12/29)
East-MeadowUnder-16s 3-0 Vardar FC (12/29)
Under-17s 1-0 FC Virginia (12/29)
Under-18s 1-2 Ohio Elite Soccer Academy (12/29)

Under-15s 3-1 TSC Hurricane (12/30)
Under-16s 0-3 Orlando City (12/30)
Under-17s 1-1 Solar Chelsea SC (12/30)
Under-18s 4-2 Bethesda SC (12/30)

East Meadow’s Under-15s enjoyed three straight wins over GSA, the Atlanta Fire and TSC Hurricane, while in the Under-16s they finished with a record of 1-1-1.

In the Under-17s age group, East Meadow went unbeaten with victories over McLean YSA and FC Virginia and a draw with Solar Chelsea SC, while their Under-18s finished strong after two straight defeats with a 4-2 win over Bethesda SC.


Under-15s 0-0 FC Virginia (12/28)
Under-16s 0-0 McLean YSA (12/28)
Under-17s 0-2 St. Louis Scott Gallagher – IL (12/28)
Under-18s 3-2 Charlotte Soccer Academy (12/28)

Under-15s 0-1 Challenge SC (12/29)
FSA FC logoUnder-16s 0-1 Orlando City (12/29)
Under-17s 3-2 AHFC (12/29)
Under-18s 1-0 Orlando City (12/29)

Under-15s 1-0 GSA (12/30)
Under-16s 0-2 D’Feeters Soccer Club (12/30)
Under-17s 1-1 Lonestar SC (12/30)
Under-18s 4-3 St. Louis Scott Gallagher – IL (12/30)

FSA went 1-1-1 in the Under-15s age group after a 0-0 tie with FC Virginia, a 1-0 loss to Challenge SC and a 1-0 win over GSA. Their Under-16s went winless after a 0-0 draw with McLean YSA and defeats to Orlando City and D’Feeters Soccer Club.

FSA’s Under-17s also had a 1-1-1 record, while their Under-18s did the best of the bunch with three straight victories over Charlotte Soccer Academy, Orlando City and St. Louis Scott Gallagher.

Match Fit Academy

Under-15s 1-0 Orlando City (12/28)
Under-16s 2-0 St. Louis Scott Gallagher – MO (12/28)
Under-17s 0-0 Atlanta Fire (12/28)
Under-18s 2-0 Eclipse Select Soccer Club (12/28)

Match FitUnder-15s 2-1 FC Dallas (12/29)
Under-16s 2-0 Internationals SC (12/29)
Under-17s 3-1 Vardar FC (12/29)
Under-18s 2-1 GSA (12/29)

Under-15s 1-0 St. Louis Scott Gallagher – IL (12/30)
Under-16s 0-1 Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (12/30)
Under-17s 1-0 Concorde Fire (12/30)
Under-18s 4-1 McLean YSA (12/30)

Match Fit Academy’s Under-15s took three straight victories while conceding just one goal against Orlando City, FC Dallas and St. Louis Scott Gallagher. In the Under-16s age group, Match Fit won their opening two games against St. Louis Scott Gallagher and Internationals SC, but went down to a 1-0 defeat to Carolina Elite Soccer Academy on a goal from Lauren Croft.

Meanwhile, Match Fit’s Under-17s went unbeaten with a tie against the Atlanta Fire and wins over Vardar FC and the Concorde Fire. Their Under-18s also enjoyed a strong weekend with three straight victories against Eclipse Select Soccer Club, GSA and McLean YSA.


Under-16s 4-0 FC Virginia (12/28)
Under-17s 3-0 FC Dallas (12/28)

PDA Invitational Girls LogoUnder-16s 2-1 Dallas Texans (12/29)
Under-17s 3-0 Dallas Texans (12/29)

Under-16s 0-0 Texas Rush (12/30)
Under-17s 1-1 Dallas Sting (12/30)

PDA sent two teams to Florida, and went unbeaten across all six games in the Under-16s and Under-17s age groups.

PDA’s Under-16s started very positively with a 4-0 win over FC Virginia and a 2-1 victory against the Dallas Texans before a 0-0 tie against Texas Rush. In the Under-17s age group, PDA beat FC Dallas and the Dallas Texans 3-0 apiece before drawing 1-1 with the Dallas Sting to round off their weekend and their season until March.

World Class FC

Under-15s 0-3 Concorde Fire (12/28)
Under-16s 0-3 Richmond United (12/28)
Under-17s 1-1 Challenge SC (12/28)
Under-18s 0-5 Orlando City (12/28)

World Class FC logoUnder-15s 0-4 CASL (12/29)
Under-16s 1-0 AHFC (12/29)
Under-17s 1-2 GSA (12/29)
Under-18s 1-4 Birmingham United (12/29)

Under-15s 4-7 Charlotte Soccer Academy (12/30)
Under-16s 1-2 Dallas Sting (12/30)
Under-17s 4-1 Indiana Fire (12/30)
Under-18s 6-2 Atlanta Fire (12/30)

World Class FC’s Under-15s lost all three of their games, but were involved in one of the best games of the event as they went down 7-4 to the Charlotte Soccer Academy. Courtney Walker scored four goals for Charlotte, while there were other goals for the victors from Brooklyn Berry, Ashlynn Serepca and Mia Thillet.

In the Under-16s age group, World Class lost their opening and final games against Richmond United and the Dallas Sting respectively, but in between those defeats beat AHFC 1-0. Word Class’ Under-17s finished with a 1-1-1 record, with a 4-1 victory over Indiana Fire the perfect end to their event.

Finally, in the Under-18s age group, World Class lost their first two games before beating the Atlanta Fire 6-2.

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