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Tournaments May 28, 2012

Trainers staying busy at Virginian

By Kevin Smith

Injuries are the dark side of the game of soccer. In any match, they can be killers, career enders or just annoyances. They are also a hot  issue. Whether it be a turned ankle from a run down the flank, a broken bone or deep bruise from a ferocious tackle or just a muscle strain, it is never easy to recover.

Craig Veazie, a longtime on-site trainers for the tournament, has had plenty of work so far.

The types of injuries “you see depends a lot on the age group,” he said. “The younger groups you see a lot more contusions and abrasions. The older they are, the more acceleration and velocity they have when they [collide], so you have higher instances of concussions and impact injuries.”

The heat, said Veazie, “doesn’t tend to be a problem. The tournament [organizers] are very good at communicating conditions to the teams [traveling to Virginia for the tournament].

With 501 teams competing, injuries are bound to happen. For the trainer, winning doesn’t come down to goals.

“A winning game is when a team walks off the field healthy and safe,” he said.