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Women's Competition Oct 20, 2020

Top 50 NCAA Women’s Soccer Players so far this season in the InStat Index

The 2020-2021 NCAA women’s soccer season marks the launch of a major technology initiative, benefiting all Division I programs.

Through a new initiative with the United Soccer Coaches NCAA Women’s Division I Advocacy Committee, video sharing and analytics platform InStat Sport is providing all D-I soccer teams with access to their full suite of video and analytics software. Full video footage from every game this season is being uploaded and then analyzed by InStat’s expert staff, with professional level scouting metrics being tabulated along the way.

InStat’s signature metric is the InStat Index, an algorithm which is regarded as the most accurate assessment of any player’s performance. The InStat Index measures each player’s contribution to the team’s success, the significance of their actions, opponent’s level and the level of the league they play in.

Each player’s InStat Index rating is based on a number of actions and events from each match, featuring a unique set of 12-14 key parameters for each position on the field. The weight of the action factors differs depending on the player position – for example, grave mistakes made by central defenders and their frequency affect InStat Index more than those made by forwards. These factors are multiplied by an average InStat Index collected across matches around the globe for several years.

See below to find out which NCAA women’s soccer players have earned the best InStat Index ratings so far this season:

[Data is current as of October 20, 2020]

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Player Team InStat Index Position
1. Brianna Pinto North Carolina 249 M
2. Jaelin Howell Florida State 240 M
3. Clara Robbins Florida State 237 M
4.-t Addie McCain Texas A&M 236 M
4.-t Lia Godfrey Virginia 236 M
6. Jody Brown Florida State 228 F / M
7.-t Jenna Nighswonger Florida State 225 M
7.-t Emily Madril Florida State 225 D
9.-t Anna Podojil Arkansas 224 F / M
9.-t Amanda West Pittsburgh 224 M
11. Jimena Lopez Texas A&M 221 M / D
12. Zhao Yujie Florida State 220 M
13.-t Brooke Wilson Tennessee 218 F / M
13.-t Barbara Olivieri Texas A&M 218 M / F
13.-t Malia Berkely Florida State 218 D
16. Alexa Spaanstra Virginia 217 M
17.-t Leilanni Nesbeth Florida State 216 F / M
17.-t Brenna McPartlan South Alabama 216 M
19. Karlina Sample Texas A&M 211 D
20.-t Macie Kolb Texas A&M 210 M / D
20.-t Gabby Carle Florida State 210 D
22. Brandi Peterson TCU 209 D
23. Yazmeen Ryan TCU 208 M / D
24.-t Sophie Jones Duke 206 M
24.-t Anna Patten South Carolina 206 D / M
24.-t Emina Ekic Louisville 206 F / M

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