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Youth Boys Apr 26, 2019

SYC Soccer announces partnership with Joga SC and SMI Soccer

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Springfield VA (Via SYC Soccer) – SYC Soccer has announced a partnership with Dutch club Joga SC and scouting company, SMI Soccer.

This partnership will be exclusive to SYC Soccer players and coaches. Joga Amsterdam is a club established in the Netherlands, their goal is to help facilitate U.S. players to play in Europe and for U.S. Coaches to receive international experience and education. SMI Soccer is a scouting company that focuses on identifying elite US players for international soccer clubs. Currently Joga/SMI has 12 American born players signed and playing in European academies.

Joga will provide International training camps, International developmental showcases, and International placement opportunities for elite SYC players. This partnership will also create an International Coaches Education Program with SYC. Once a year an international Academy Director will travel to the U.S. to provide coaching education to SYC Coaches. The partnership will create a Scouting and Pro-Identification Program within the club to identify elite players who will receive an opportunity to play overseas. SYC staff will recommend players for this program and the Joga staff will travel to the U.S. to evaluate players. Additionally, SYC Soccer will send teams annually overseas to compete against pro-academies in Europe.

“SYC Soccer is excited to be partnering up with Joga/SMI, we will be able to provide a different pathway for those elite players to go on trials and train with European academies, take teams overseas to compete and provide coaching education opportunities for our coaching staff at SYC.” says Esteban “Este” Maldonado, SYC Technical Director.

Director of Joga/SMI Kephern Fuller had this to say: “There are a lot of U.S. players that have the talent level, but just don’t have the opportunity and don’t know what you need to make it. I did not have the mentality either, if I am being honest. I wish I knew more, I just try to give the players, coaches and families a different outlook and create opportunities”