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ECNL Jul 09, 2022

Semifinal berths clinched as ECNL Girls National Finals kickoff in Richmond, Va.

The first day of the ECNL Girls National Finals did not disappoint. The Elite Eight from each of the U13-U17 age groups took to the pitch Friday in Richmond, Va., all fighting for a spot in the Final Four for each level.

Below are all the results from Friday and a look at who is one win away from a National Championship Game berth.

Match Fit Academy vs. PDA Blue, 3-0
Richmond United vs. San Diego Surf, 2-0
Eclipse Select vs. Minnesota Thunder Academy, 2-1
SUSA FC vs. Solar SC, 3-1

Semifinal Matchups:
PDA Blue vs. San Diego Surf
Eclipse Select vs. Solar SC

SLSG Navy vs. Legends FC, 5-1
Eclipse Select vs. Slammers FC HB KØGE, 6-2
Solar SC vs. PDA Blue, 2-1
San Juan vs. Real Colorado National, 1-0

Semifinal Matchups:
Legends FC vs.Slammers FC HB KØGE
Solar SC vs. Real Colorado National

Solar SC vs. PDA Blue, 4-4 (4-3)
MVLA vs. Legends FC, 2-2 (3-2)
SLSG Navy vs. Oklahoma Energy FC, 3-0
FC Dallas vs. Slammers FC HB KØGE, 4-0

Semifinal Matchups:
PDA Blue vs. Legends FC
Oklahoma Energy FC vs.Slammers FC HB KØGE

Solar SC vs. PDA Blue, 5-4
SLSG Navy vs. Slammers FC HB KØGE, 1-1 (4-3)
Internationals SC vs. FC Dallas, 7-3
Colorado Rapids vs. Ohio Premier, 2-1

Semifinal Matchups:
Solar SC vs. SLSG Navy
Internationals SC vs. Colorado Rapids

Beach FC vs. Richmond United, 4-1
Slammers FC HB KØGE vs. FC Dallas, 2-1
Real Colorado National vs. Solar SC, 2-2 (12-11)
Crossfire Premier vs. Sporting Blue Valley, 2-2 (3-1)

Semifinal Matchups:
Beach FC vs. FC Dallas
Real Colorado National vs. Sporting Blue Valley

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