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ECNL Mar 09, 2016

Rosters, schedule announced for ECNL PDP event in Irvine, Calif.

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The rosters and schedule for the Elite Clubs National League Player Development Program (PDP) event to be held March 11-13, 2016 in Irvine, California have been announced.

The PDP So Cal event will be held at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA, with some of the best players from the following ECNL clubs in the Southern California area: Arsenal FC, Eagles SC, Irvine Strikers, Real So Cal, San Diego Surf, Slammers FC, SO Cal Blues and West Coast FC.



Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
62 Katie Meyer GK Eagles SC
1 Hannah Cardenas D Slammers FC
2 Taylie Liddell D Eagles SC
3 Kaiya McCullough D San Diego Surf
4 Mikenna McManus D West Coast FC
5 Paige Metayer M So Cal Blues
6 Destinee Manzo M Slammers FC
7 Amaya Gonzalez M Slammers FC
8 Jackelyne Espinosa M Eagles SC
9 Sophie Jones M/F Arsenal FC
10 Zoe Haseneuer M/F Real So Cal
11 Sarah Jayne Affleck F Slammers FC
12 Jada Talley F So Cal Blues
13 Amethyst Trang D/M/F Arsenal FC

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
63 Savannah Madden GK San Diego Surf
14 Genevieve Watkins D Slammers FC
15 Hannah Sharts D Real So Cal
16 Delaney Lindahl D West Coast FC
17 Madison Curry D Slammers FC
18 Erin Kawakami D/M West Coast FC
19 Tara McKeown D/F Eagles SC
20 Kali Trevithick M San Diego Surf
21 Remy Matthews M West Coast FC
22 Amanda Jones M Slammers FC
23 Sami Fairweather M Real So Cal
24 Analisa Gjonovich M/F So Cal Blues
25 Kayla Cannon F West Coast FC
26 Julie Doyle F San Diego Surf
27 Ruby Hellstrom F San Diego Surf

Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
64 MacKenna Carmichael GK San Diego Surf
28 Sydney Sparks D San Diego Surf
29 Devyn Kelsey D Slammers FC
30 Anastasia Eleftheriou D Real So Cal
31 Dominique Tucker-Campbell D/F Eagles SC
32 Taylor Kornieck M San Diego Surf
33 Arlie Jones M San Diego Surf
34 Sarah Hernandez M Eagles SC
35 Sammi Fisher M Real So Cal
36 Annabella Folino M/F West Coast FC
37 Catarina Macario F San Diego Surf
38 Brianna McReynolds F Arsenal FC
39 Rae Perez F Arsenal FC

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
65 Jasmyn Gordon GK West Coast FC
40 Julia Ware D West Coast FC
41 Lou Ishikawa D Eagles SC
42 Machaela George D West Coast FC
43 Kailey Smith D/M/F West Coast FC
44 Sophia Serafin D/F West Coast FC
46 Alea Hyatt M Eagles SC
47 Madison Fortich M So Cal Blues
48 Trinity Watson M/F San Diego Surf
49 Maricarmen Reyes M/F West Coast FC
50 Chandler McDaniel M/F West Coast FC
51 Allison Cook M/F West Coast FC
52 Sierra Castles F West Coast FC

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