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Tournaments Apr 19, 2016

Rosters named for US Youth Soccer Region I Boys ODP International Trip

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Rosters have been announced for the US Youth Soccer Region I Boys International Trip this May. The 2002 Boys Region I ODP squad will travel to Germany and Austria from May 7-16 and the 1997-1998 Boys Region I ODP side will be in Germany from May 9-18.

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2002 Boys ODP International Trip to Germany/Austria
May 7-16, 2016

  • James Anderson (VA)
  • Liam Carpenter-Schulman (MA)
  • Thomas Corral Chavez (VA)
  • Alexxio Gonzalez (VA)
  • Theodore Ku-DiPietro (VA)
  • Diego Lopez Ramos (MD)
  • Tarekegn O’Neill (MA)
  • Anthony Parra (MD)
  • Ethan Russell (VA)
  • Joseph Scally (ENY)
  • Patrick Short (DE)
  • Henry van Wincoop (VA)
  • Ryan Yankee (VA)
  • Brian Contreras (ENY)
  • Dennis Pecherskiy (MA)
  • Jack Seitz (NJ)
  • Oryem Kilama (DE)

1997/1998 Boys International Trip to Germany
May 9-18, 2016

  • Marcel Berry (VA)
  • Darnell Brown (NJ)
  • Brandon Clegg (VA)
  • Leland Gazo (VT)
  • Matt Hendrickson (NJ)
  • Will Herman (MA)
  • Eli Holmstead (MD)
  • Nolan Jimmo (VT)
  • Felix Kershaw (MA)
  • Fatai King (NJ)
  • Devon Memis (EPA)
  • Pedro Merino Callejas (MD)
  • Blaise Milanek (EPA)
  • Collin Mocyunas (WV)
  • Antonio Oduber (Europe)
  • Lucas Shaw (VT)
  • Cole Spofford (VA)

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