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NCAA Aug 13, 2020

Recruiting dead period extended for NCAA Division I programs

The recruiting dead period has been in place since March, under the direction of the NCAA Division I Council. The Council took feedback from coaching associations in making its decision, and most coaching groups recommended the latest extension.

An additional extension into October or beyond will be considered in September.

Along with the recruiting dead period extension, the NCAA is considering the implementation of additional guidelines to help support student-athletes during the fall semester and beyond.

See below or Click Here for a review of the latest eligibility and medical coverage recommendations:

“The D-I Council has recommended for the NCAA’s Board of Governors to provide fall sport student-athletes who compete and then opt out of future participation or have a season cut short due to COVID-19: (1) an extension of their five-year period of eligibility; and (2) an additional season of competition if they participate in 50% or less of the maximum number of competitions allowed in each sport by Division I rules.

Members will further discuss additional Board of Governors requirements, including a prohibition on canceling, reducing or not renewing athletics aid for student-athletes who opt out of participation due to COVID-19 and required medical coverage for COVID-19 if a student contracts the virus through sports participation.”