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ECNL Jul 12, 2023

PREVIEW | ECNL Boys U13-U17 National Champions to be decided in Norco, CA

Date: July 14-17, 2023
Location: SilverLakes Sports Complex | Norco, CA
Schedule: View the full schedule of games here
Team List: View the full list of teams here
Streaming: To view streams from the ECNL Boys National Finals click here

The culminating event of the ECNL Boys season is here. After a week of tough playoff competition in Greensboro, 40 teams remain across the U13-U17 age groups with their hopes set on lifting an ECNL Boys National Championship trophy in Norco.

Those 40 teams will also be joined by the 40 remaining teams in the ECNL Boys Regional League, who are three wins away from an ECNL Regional League National Championship.

Check out all the information below to learn everything you need to know about the event.

(+READ: San Diego Surf wins ECNL Boys U18/19 title while U13-U17 quarterfinals are set)

Schedule: Each team is guaranteed two games, but every age group is competing in a knockout tournament, so to stay alive for a championship, teams must keep winning to advance. Check out the revamped ECNL app for the complete schedule.

Full Team List: 40 teams from the ECNL Boys Club Competition and 40 teams from the ECNL Boys Regional League head to Norco.

At the ECNL level, 28 clubs are represented in the ECNL National Finals, of which just eight have two age groups in the event, while Crossfire and San Diego Surf have three ages in the event.

The Southwest and Mid-Atlantic Conferences are the most well-represented at the Finals, with each conference boasting eight teams in the event.

See every team that will be competing at ECNL Boys National Finals here.

Looking to Repeat: San Diego Surf are the final team standing with a chance to repeat as ECNL Boys National Champions. Surf lifted the title at the U13 age group last year in St. Louis, and this year are now only three wins away from doing so at the U14 age group this year. With a win, they would join the San Diego Surf U18/19s as 2023 ECNL National Champions, following the U18/19s National Championship run in Greensboro.

San Diego Surf takes on NTH-NASA in the U14 quarterfinals on Friday.

More Information: To view the address for the complex, parking, and more ECNL Boys National Finals information, click here.

NORCO, CA | JULY 14 – 17, 2023 | TEAM LIST
U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 KEY
Crossfire Premier ECNL 1 B10 FL Premier FC ECNL B09 Chicago Magic ECNL B08 Crossfire Premier ECNL 1 B07 Arlington Soccer ECNL B06 Club Competition
Dallas Texans Academy – ECNL B10 NTH-NASA ECNL B09 Crossfire Premier ECNL 1 B08 Eclipse Select SC ECNL B07 Eclipse Select SC ECNL B06 Regional League
FSA FC ECNL B10 Pipeline SC ECNL B09 FL Premier FC ECNL B08 Legends FC ECNL B07 El Camino Futbol Club Salinas ECNL B06
Loudoun Soccer ECNL B10 Richmond United ECNL B09 Lehigh Valley United ECNL B08 Manhattan SC ECNL B07 Legends FC ECNL B06
NCFC Youth Academy ECNL B10 San Diego Surf ECNL B09 MVLA ECNL B08 NTH-NASA ECNL B07 Marin FC ECNL B06
San Diego Surf ECNL B10 Seattle United ECNL B09 Slammers FC ECNL B08 Pipeline SC ECNL B07 Ohio Premier ECNL B06
SLAMMERS FC ECNL B10 Sporting California USA ECNL B09 VDA ECNL B08 San Diego Surf ECNL B07 Richmond United ECNL B06
SLSG MO ECNL B10 Tulsa SC ECNL B09 NEFC ECNL B08 World Class ECNL B07 Seattle United ECNL B06
GSA RL B10 Albion Hurricanes FC RL B09 Braden River RL B08 Avanti SA Blue RL NTX B07 Arlington SA RL B06
Next Generation RL B10 Florida Kraze RL B09 Nationals Soccer RL B08 Cincinnati Elite RL B07 Blast FC RL B06
Pipeline SC RL B10 Legends FC RL B09 NC Fusion RL B08 Connecticut FC RL B07 Boston Bolts RL B06
Slammers FC RL B10 NTH-NASA RL B09 Oklahoma Celtic RL B08 Florida Premier RL B07 Charlotte SA White RL B06
SLSG MO RL B10 Richmond Kickers RL B09 Pipeline SC RL B08 GFRSC Elite RL B07 Florida Kraze RL B06
Sting RL NTX B10 STA RL B09 PWSI Courage RL B08 Highland FC RL B07 Solar SC RL B06
VA Rush RL B10 Villarreal Virginia RL B09 Seattle United RL B08 LAFC So Cal RL B07 Three Rivers SC RL B06
Villarreal Virginia RL B10 Sporting Wichita RL B09 VSA ECNL RL B08 Legends FC RL B07 VSA ECNL RL B06

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