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Global Jun 12, 2012

NCSL spring 2012 division champions crowned

By Jimmy LaRoue

The National Capital Soccer League wrapped up its spring season over the weekend and has crowned its champions.

For a list of the spring 2012 champs, see below:

U11 Division 3: 1st–SSA United 2000, 2nd–GSC Premier Red 00

U11 Division 4: 1st–CYA Cesena ’00, 2nd–Loudoun 00 Black

U12 Division 1: 1st–Bethesda Blue ’99, 2nd–CYA Cesena ’99

U12 Division 2: 1st–CYA Cesena ’99 Purple, 2nd–SYC Cyclones Blue

U12 Division 3: Arlington Eagles White, 2nd–VYS FC Elite White

U12 Division 5: 1st–SEVP Fury, 2nd–BRYC 99 Elite Blue

U12 Division 6: 1st–FPYC Pirates, 2nd–FC Frederick ’99 Black

U13 Division 3: 1st–CFC Cosmos, 2nd–Herndon Rovers North

U13 Division 5: 1st–SYC Strikers Gold, 2nd–Takoma Arsenal

U13 Division 6: 1st–VBSC AC Milan Blackhawks, 2nd–CSC Knights FC

U14 Division 1: 1st–Chantilly Strikers, 2nd–BFC Barca ’97 Elite

U14 Division 3: 1st–Calverton Tornadoes, 2nd–TSC Flamengo

U14 Division 4: 1st–BAC Blue Thunder, 2nd–FPYC Golden Eagles

U14 Division 5: 1st–SSA Venom, 2nd–ABGC Panthers

U14 Division 6: 1st–Arlington Impact Blue, 2nd–VISTA Real Madrid

U15 Division 2: 1st–Loudoun 96 Red, 2nd–MSC Eagles

U15 Division 4: 1st–TSC Real, 2nd–FWAS ES Aguilares

U15 Division 5: 1st–CSA Cobras Gold, 2nd–SEVP United

U15 Division 6: 1st–Herndon Mavericks, 2nd–VSA Heat 96 Gold

U16 Division 1: 1st–Loudoun 95 Red, 2nd–MSC Rapids

U16 Division 3: 1st–ASA Elite Hotspurs, 2nd–SSA Arsenal

U16 Division 4: 1st–Baltimore Bays Blue Lions (NEW), 2nd–VISTA Dynamo

U16 Division 5: 1st–Reston 95 Rampage Blue, 2nd–EPIC Cyclones

U17 Division 2: 1st–Baltimore Bays United, 2nd–VYS United White

U17 Division 3: 1st–BAC Arsenal, 2nd–Takoma Celtics

U17 Division 4: 1st–FC Frederick ’94 Royal, 2nd–SEVP Gunners

U17 Division 5: 1st–SAC Columbia United II, 2nd–Baltimore Bays Kings

U19 Division 2: 1st–Bethesda Gunners, 2nd–FC Frederick ’93

U19 Division 3: 1st–SEVP Rowdies, 2nd–SSA Rapids

U19 Division 4: 1st–SSA Dufief Dragons, 2nd–Maryland Rush Swoosh 93

U19 Division 5: 1st–VISTA Vapors, 2nd–VBSC Patriots FC

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