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Professional Jan 10, 2012

magicJack’s Dan Borislow earns court victory against WPS

On Monday, January 9, 2012, Florida Circuit Judge Meenu Sasser ruled that Women’s Professional Soccer failed to follow proper procedures when terminating the magicJack squad from the league last year.

The magicJack were formerly known as the Washington Freedom before owner Dan Borislow bought the franchise from John and Maureen Hendricks last winter, moved it to Boca Raton, Fla. and renamed it after his internet telecommunications product.

Borislow’s intervention essentially saved both the team and the league from folding, but his disinclination to follow WPS directives and maintain basic trappings of a professional sport operation like advertising, a full coaching staff and front-office personnel created constant conflictwith league CEO Anne-Marie Eileraas and her colleagues. Club and owner alike were sanctioned and fined repeatedly.

In early August Borislow initiated legal proceedings to block what he alleged was the league’s intention to terminate his franchise, but the two parties resolved the dispute before it wounds its way through the courts.

However, a simple press release in late October revealed the WPS’ decision to remove the team from the league.

According Beau Dure’s article, the court has not granted Borislow the right to reinstate his team. Sasser’s ruling reserves judgment on several issues and has set a four-hour hearing for Jan. 18 where the league will have the opportunity to defend itself.

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