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Global Feb 21, 2013

Landon Donovan speaks out about his leave from soccer

In one of his few appearances since taking a leave of absence from soccer, Landon Donovan spoke about his break while at a University of Southern California forum.

One student tweeted some of his comments, which included:

“he accepts that he’ll be remembered for soccer, but wants to be remembered for what he has to give beyond soccer”

“On being the face of MLS: ‘sometimes it can be a burden, but I realize there are worse things than that (in life)’”

“Soccer is not a big part of me…I feel like I have so much more to give post soccer…that’s how I want to be remembered”

“What everyone wanted to hear: ‘Yes, I do have an interest in playing for the USMNT again, if given the opportunity, I would’”

The LA Galaxy said Donovan is scheduled to begin training with his MLS club in late March, and he could potentially be ready for the U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup qualifiers in June. As for the immediate future, Donovan said he is headed to Cambodia for 10 days.

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