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Boys Mar 11, 2018

Jefferson Cup 2018 U10-U15 Boys Weekend Day 1 Recap

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+SCHEDULE: U10-U15 Boys Weekend (March 10-11)

The 2018 Jefferson Cup kicked off Saturday with the opening day of games at the U10-U15 Boys Weekend. Continue reading for a recap of some of the top flights in each age group.

U-10 Championship

In Group A, Arlington Soccer Association (2-0-0, 19 points) find themselves at the top of Group A after a pair of wins on Saturday. The Virginia-based side defeated the Richmond Strikers in the morning to put themselves at the top of the pecking order. In the afternoon, they followed it up with a similar exceptional effort this time downing Brentwood Manchester City with a 5-2 scoreline (1-1-0, 3 points). With two wins under their belt the club enters the final matchday as the odds-on favorite to advance to Sunday’s final.

Brentwood also set themselves up for an interesting third match after defeating Soccer Vision Academy Porto (0-1-1, 8 points) 5-2. SVA Porto meanwhile earned a 5-5 draw as well against Richmond.

In Group B, Torpedoes SC Red Team (2-0-0, 17 points) sit at the top of the table after a pair of close wins on Saturday. The New Jersey-based side took two wins from Day One with a pair of wins over Loudoun 08 Red (1-1-0, 10 points) and a narrow 2-1 win over Ukrainian Nationals 08 (1-1-0, 10 points). The two sides were each able to pull off 4-3 and 4-2 victories respectively over  Sac Premier Blue (0-2-0, 5 points). They will meet on Sunday at 9:20am.


Group A
Brentwood Manchester City 5-Soccer Vision Academy 2
Arlington Soccer Association 8-Richmond Strikers 0
Soccer Vision Academy 5-Richmond Strikers 5
Arlington Soccer Association 5 -Brentwood Manchester City 1

Group B
Torpedos SC Red Team 3-Loudoun 08B Red Team 1
Ukrainian Nationals ’08 Black 4-Sac Premier Blue 08 3
Ukrainian Nationals ’08 Black 1-Torpedos SC Red Team 2
Loudoun 08B Red Team 4-Sac Premier Blue 08 2

U-11 Championship

Sac Premier Blue Spurs 07 (2-0-0,  19 points) are leading Group A after match-day one thanks to a 5-1 win over Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2007 Feyenoord (0-1-1, 6 points). They followed up their impressive first match with another quality effort in the afternoon, a  4-1 win over Arlington Soccer Association 2007B Red (1-1-0,  8 points).  While Arlington didn’t get a clean sweep on the day they did get a bit of an edge over the rest of the pack by defeating North Carolina FC 07 Gold North (0-1-1, 6 points) 2-1 in their morning match. That result, coupled with North Carolina and Watchung drawing 2-2 in the afternoon, gives them at least a chance to advance to the final over Sac Premier.

Meanwhile in Group B things are a bit closer with Wake FC 07 Ajax (2-0-0, 17 points) and United Futbol Academy 07B Premier (1-0-1, 15 points) just separated by two points at the top. Wake FC earned two wins on Saturday defeating Fishtown AC Rowdies (0-2-0,  3 points) 1-0 in the morning and Richmond Kickers U11 B Elite (0-1-1,  8 points) 4-2. UFA had a bit more trouble with the Kickers in their first match drawing 3-3. But they more than made up for it with a 4-3 win over Fishtown. Wake and UFA will face each other on Sunday at 8am.


Group A
Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2007 Feyenoord 1-Sac Premier Blue Spurs 07  5
North Carolina FC 07 Gold North 1-Arlington Soccer Association 2007B Red 2
North Carolina FC 07 Gold North 2 -Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2007 Feyenoord 2
Sac Premier Blue Spurs 07 4- Arlington Soccer Association 2007B Red 0

Group B
Richmond Kickers U11 B Elite 3-United Futbol Academy 07B Premier 3
Wake FC 07 Ajax 1 -Fishtown AC Rowdies 0
United Futbol Academy 07B Premier 4-Fishtown AC Rowdies 3
Wake FC 07 Ajax 4 -Richmond Kickers U11 B Elite 2

U-12 Championship

In Group A after two matches Pennine Unied 06 White (2-0-0, 19 points) are in first after defeating FC Europa ’06 Elite (1-1-0, 11 points) 3-1 in the morning and Bethesda SC South Blue 06 (0-2-0, 2 points) 3-0. Europa were able to recover in their second match and keep themselves in the running for first after defeating FC Sportika Academy (1-1-0, 9 points) 4-0 in the afternoon.

As for Group B Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2006 Litmanen (1-0-1, 13 points) and Nationals Union 06 Boys Black (1-0-1, 13 points) find themselves in a dead heat after both sides went undefeated on Saturday. Watchung defeated Inter Atlanta FC 06B with a 4-2 scoreline (0-2-0, 3 points) and drew 0-0 with HMMS Eagle FC Chelsea. As for Nationals also drew with HMMS (they at least added a bit of a variety with a 2-2 scoreline) and defeated Inter 2-1. As it stands Watchung has a slender advantage over Nationals via Goals Allowed (2 to 3) so it will be interesting to see how the two sides adjust to one another in their Group B finale.


Group A
Bethesda SC South Blue 06 2-FC Sportika Academy 3
Pennine United 06 White 3-FC Europa ’06 Elite 1
FC Sportika Academy 0-FC Europa ’06 Elite 4
Pennine United 06 White 3 -Bethesda SC South Blue 06 0

Group B
Inter Atlanta FC 06B 2- Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2006 Litmanen 4
Nationals Union 06 Boys Black 2- HMMS Eagle FC Chelsea 2
Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2006 Litmanen 0 -HMMS Eagle FC Chelsea 0
Nationals Union 06 Boys Black 2- Inter Atlanta FC 06B 1

U-13 Championship

In Group A Ukrainian Nationals ’05 Black (2-0-0, 18 points) are leading the pack after two wins on Saturday. The Pennsylvania-based side defeated Pennine United 05 White  (0-2-0, 3 points) 2-0 to start the day and followed that with another 2-0 effort in the afternoon, besting Charlotte Soccer Academy 05 North Cab Predator (0-1-1, points). GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 05 Boys (1-0-1, 13 points) are hot on their heels though having defeated CSA 5-1 and edged Pennine 4-3 to finish matchday one.

As for Group B North Carolina FC Elite (2-0-0, 17 points) have taken the lead leading into the Group Stage finale after defeating SOCA Elite 05 U13B (1-1-0, 9 points) 1-0 and STA MUSC 2005B NPL Madrid (1-1-0, 9 points) 1 3-1. They will face Manhattan SC Freedom (0-2-0, 3 points) on Sunday.


Group A
Charlotte Soccer Academy 05 North Cab Predator 1- GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 05 Boys 1
Ukrainian Nationals ’05 Black 2- Pennine United 05 White 0
GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 05 Boys 4-Pennine United 05 White 3
Ukrainian Nationals ’05 Black 2-Charlotte Soccer Academy 05 North Cab Predator 0

Group B 
SOCA Elite 05 U13B 0 -North Carolina FC Elite 1
Manhattan SC Freedom 1- STA MUSC 2005B NPL Madrid 2
Manhattan SC Freedom 2 -SOCA Elite 05 U13B 3
North Carolina FC Elite 3 -STA MUSC 2005B NPL Madrid 1

U-14 Championship

The Arlington Soccer Association (1-0-1, 14 points) and Manhattan SC Thunder (0-0-2, 10 points) kicked things off in the Championship Division with a cracking 1-1 draw on Saturday morning. Both sides are well-known for their scoring prowess so it should be no surprise that the first half was filled with goal-scoring opportunities. Manhattan would strike first with Ethan Reich connecting with a low shot past goalkeeper Mason Cunningham in the fourth minute. The Manhattan midfield led by Chris Montenegro moved the ball North and South on the Arlington defense which opened up a crease of space for Reich to exploit.

Arlington would waste little time though in finding the equalizer. Just minutes later they would be the beneficiary of a free kick in Manhattan territory. Jack Muckleroy would hit a shot towards the far post to even the score at 1-1.

In the second the defenses would take over. Both sides had very different approaches to stemming the attacking efforts of their opponent with both being relatively successful in their efforts. Manhattan used their size and strength in the center to stop Arlington’s long crosses into the box. That strategy coupled with midfielder #10’s patience and timing gave them the lion’s share of possession in the second half.

The Arlington defense though held their ground with the help of CunninghamHe made several key stops in the second half including a diving effort on a shot from Manhattan’s Nicolas Olbrys in the 56th minute. He followed that up with a similarly impressive effort just ten minutes later stopping a volley from Olbrys.

The match’s dying minutes looked like a game-winner might be within the grasp of Manhattan after Olbrys found himself all alone with Cunningham. But Arlington defender Aaron Voorheis tracked him down via a diagonal run and denied Olbrys the victory.

Arlington would pull ahead of Manhattan in Group A in the afternoon with their 3-0 win over FC Sportika Academy (0-2-0, 0 points). As for Manhattan they would draw with Group Leaders GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 04 (1-0-1, 15 points) with a 3-3 scoreline.

In Group B New York Stars Premier Galaxy (2-0-0, 19 points) have taken the lead after a 3-0 win over Columbus East FC 2004 (1-1-0, 10 points) and a 2-0 win over Western United Pioneers FC 04 (1-1-0, 9 points). If there is a silver lining for both Columbus and Western United though it is that they enter the final match still with something to play for. That is due to both sides defeating Pennine United 04 MRL (0-2-0, 0 points). Columbus scorched Pennine 7-0 while Western defeated them 2-0.


Group A
FC Sportika Academy 0-GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 04 Boys 2
Arlington Soccer Association Elite 2004B Red 1-Manhattan SC Thunder 1
GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 04 Boys 3-Manhattan SC Thunder 3
FC Sportika Academy 0-Arlington Soccer Association Elite 2004 B Red 3

Group B
NY Stars Premier Galaxy 3-Columbus East FC 2004 0
Western United Pioneers FC 04 NPL 2-Pennine United 04 MRL 0
Columbus East FC 2004 7- Pennine United 04 MRL 0
Western United Pioneers FC 04 0 NPL-NY Stars Premier Galaxy 2

U-14 Elite

In Group A STA-MUSC 2004B NPL (1-0-1, 14 points) are holding the lead with one match to play. Although they managed just a 0-0 draw against Richmond Strikers 04 Elite (1-0-1, 14 points) they more than made up for it on the scoring charts in their second match, a 6-0 win over Baltimore Armour Preacademy (0-2-0, 0 points). As for the Strikers they pulled off another shutout in the afternoon, defeating Team Challenger FC (1-1-0, 10 points) 04 3-0. Challenger’s loss against the Strikers harmed their chances of advancement but they are still very much in the thick of things. This is due to their 6-0 win over the Armour on Saturday morning.

Things Group B are a little more clear with Gaston United SC (2-0-0, 18 points) holding a clear advantage. Gaston defeated SCS United Elite (1-1-0,11 points) 6-2 and Watchung Hills NJ 2004B Elite (0-1-1, 6 points) 3-2. SCS still can squeak past after their 3-2 win over Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club Patriots (0-1-1, 6 points).


Group A
Richmond Strikers 04 Elite 0-STA-MUSC 2004B NPL 0
Team Challenger 04 Black 6-SAC Baltimore Armour Preacademy 0
Team Challenger FC 04 0 Black-Richmond Strikers 04 Elite 3
STA-MUSC 2004B NPL 6-SAC Baltimore Armour Preacademy 0

Group B
Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club Patriots 1-Watchung Hills NJ 2004B Elite 1
SCS United Elite 2-Gaston United SC 6
Gaston United SC 3-Watchung Hills NJ 2004B Elite 2
Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club Patriots 2-SCS United Elite 3

U-15 Championship

Piedmont Triad FC 03 Black and Atletico FC Boys 2003 saved the best for last on River City Field #5 on Saturday putting on a 2-1 classic with Piedmont coming out on top.

In the first forty-five Atletico would take the lead in the 9th minute thanks to their outside midfielders moving down the left and right flanks. Atleti’s center-midfielder would serve as the conductor of the attack placing diagonal passes for both into open spaces. The opening goal would come courtesy of a scorcher in tight space from Michael Andre-Odusami.

Despite being down a goal Piedmont would press the Atelti defense. Piedmont’s midfielders would string together several linking passes against Triad’s high press, thus finding ample space in their attacking half of the pitch. Piedmont’s goalkeeper would make several quality stops to keep their advantage but in the 33rd minute Atletico would find the equalizer. Thanks to their midfielders efforts at forcing Atleti defense wide his pass just outside of the eighteen yard box would find a surging attacker who would rip off a shot just beyond goalkeeper Matt Birnhak‘s reach.

In the second half Piedmont would pull ahead with a goal in the 54th minute with their midfielders and attackers linking up again to make it 2-1. While Atletico would continue to press Piedmont’s defense late the North Carolina-based side would hold on.

“It was great,” said Piedmont coach Christopher Day on his club’s effort against Atletico. “We could have probably put some more chances away but we played a good team and we played good enough to get the result.”

After defeating Atletico and a 2-0 win against FC Copa Academy B03 Black Piedmont currently sits at the top of Group A. Those two results has Day feeling positive about his side entering Sunday’s test against SAC Showcase Premier 03. SAC Showcase Premier (1-0-1, 12 points) are currently in second place after a 1-0 win over Atletico and a 0-0 draw with FC Copa Academy B03 Black (0-1-1, 4 points).

But Day still sees room for improvement.

“I would say defensive shape,” said Day, on areas of improvement that he would like to see from his club. “I would also like to see us put away more of our opportunities [on the attacking end] because we haven’t done it. We are creating plenty of chances so that it is a good aspect of it. But our defending with out front three, getting them a little more organized defensively, and improving a little bit of the shape at the back.”

In Group B GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 03 Boys (2-0-0, 18 points) are in the lead after defeating Southern Carolina United FC (0-1-1, 5 points) and a 2-0 win over second place Takoma Park Friends United (1-1-0, 8 points).


Group A
FC Copa Academy B03 Black 0-Piedmont Triad FC 03 Black 2
SAC Showcase 03 Premier 1-Atletico FC Boys 2003 0
Piedmont Triad FC 03 Black 2-Atletico FC Boys 2003 1
SAC Showcase 03 Premier 0 -FC Copa Academy B03 Black 0

Group B
GPS Massachusetts Elite Red 03 Boys 2-Southern Carolina United FC 0
Takoma Park Friends United 1-Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club Patriots 0
Southern Carolina United FC 2-Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club Patriots 2
Takoma Park Friends United 0- GPS Massachusetts Elite 2

U-15 Elite

Group A

Barcelona USA MD (0-1-1, 5 points) and STA MUSC (2-0-0,16 points) kicked off the afternoon in U-15 Elite Group A action with a cracking affair at River City Field #1. Despite both sides having several credible attacking attempts and a few close calls STA MUSC would take the 1-0 win and enter Sunday as the favorites to advance to Sunday afternoon’s final.

In the first forty-five both sides attempted to take control of the match through possession, control, and creating space between their opponent’s center-backs. Barcelona midfielder Sebastian Vargas would have the first real attacking chance for either side in the eighteenth minute after his shot from distance broke through the STA defense. However, goalkeeper Zach Barr was there to make the save.

STA would have their own attacking chance from distance in the 31st minute when midfielder Michael Munoz‘s free kick would get close to Barcelona’s goal. Although it looked like it might cause some trouble Barcelona’s goalkeeper would punch away the ball and end the threat.

Just before halftime Barcelona would again threaten STA’s defense with Kevin Peprah breaking through the STA’s defense and hitting a low shot on target. But Barr would be there again to make the stop with a kick save and then a follow-up save on the successive effort from Peprah.

In the second half the two sides would continue trade goal-scoring opportunities with both goalkeepers doing everything that they can to keep their side in the match. But STA would find the match winner around the 80th minute mark off of a free kick from midfielder Connor Tierney. Tierney’s high swerving kick would go past the Barcelona keeper into the backpost to give STA the win.

Group B

Starting out a tournament can never be easy but HMMS Eagle were able to get off on the right foot in the end with their 2-1 win over Quickstrike FC to kickstart Group play. Using two attackers and hitting Quickstrike’s flanks early HMMS jumped out to an early lead thanks to a goal from Jack Joyner. 

It would not take long for HMMS to strike again with a goal from Joyner. They would continue to hammer the QS defense, looking to put the game out of reach. A strike by HMMS attacker  was parried over the bar by goalkeeper Andrew Lucas to keep the lead at 2-0.

In the second half it appeared as if HMMS would run away with the result. Led by midfielder Luke Mason and Luke Snyder the HMMS midfield would continue to dictate the pace of the match, often holding on to possession for large portions of the match. But the QS defense would hold firm limiting their attacking chances inside their eighteen yard box.

That stability in the backline would give QS some flexibility on the attacking end. The club would nearly get their first goal of the match in the 63rd minute on a free kick that would force the HMMS defense to make a hurried clear. A QS forward would be there to scoop up the rebound but his shot was saved by the goalkeeper.

HMMS would not be so lucky in the 73rd minute when a cross from Henry Lavariege would come into the box. HMMS’ goalkeeper would knock the ball down. However, Andrew Morocho Lopez was right in the vicinity to knock home the rebound to cut HMMS’ lead to one.

Quickstrike very nearly had the equalizer just five minutes later when a shot from Patrick Sullivan would force HMMS’ goalkeeper to make an emergency knock down. But their goalkeeper was succesful in ending the attacking chance and giving HMMS the win.

Things would not go so smoothly for HMMS in their second match when they would lose 3-1 to the Arlington Soccer Association (1-1-0, 9 points). Although they weren’t successful in their second match they still find themselves in contention for first due to Triangle United (2-0-0, 17 points) defeating ASA 1-0. Triangle are the only undefeared side in Group B, having defeated Quickstrike themselves 3-1 in the afternoon.


Group A
North Carolina FC 0-STA MUSC 1
Manhattan SC Fury 2- Barcelona USA MD 2
STA MUSC 1 -Barcelona USA MD 0
Manhattan SC Fury 1 -North Carolina FC 2

Group B
HMMS Eagle 2- Quickstrike  FC 1
Arlington Soccer Association 0 -Triangle United 1
Quickstrike FC 1-Triangle United 3
HMMS Eagle 3- Arlington Soccer Association 1

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