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Tournaments May 28, 2012

Heat playing huge factor at Virginian

By Kevin Smith and Quinn Casteel

Overheard as a FASA Premier Impact player came to the bench for a rest, “my feet are on fire.” Expected to be a factor, the heat continues to impact play on the turf as coaches for Premier and SASA Revolution (both VA teams) sub often.

As for Casteel, he caught up with BAC Apex coach Larry Rice after his team’s 1-1 draw with Beach FC in U16 Girls Silver action on Saturday to talk about the heat and the tournament:

Apex coach Larry Rice on playing at 9:15, then playing the same day at 1:00.

“It’s all about staying hydrated, eating something light and getting out of the sun,’ the coach said.  “Also, before this afternoon’s game I have iced wash rags to get their heads wet before the game, and that’s probably the most important thing to do during warm-ups.”

The coach and his players are on their return trip to the cup and are staying hydrated, while having a blast.

“We played at the Virginian two or three years ago and didn’t do too well,” Rice said. “But the team has changed and grown. We climbed all the way from the bottom of the ODSL, all the way to winning division 1 and now we’re in third place of the WAGs division.

‘We’ve been looking forward to the Virginian a lot because most of the local tournaments we’ve been doing, with the exception of Virginian, its always the same teams. It’ s fun to play teams like Beach FC. They’re a great team and it’s great competition, so it’s more fun.’”

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