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ECNL Mar 16, 2018

ECNL PDP Northeast (South) event roster and schedule

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RICHMOND, VA (March 14, 2018) – The rosters and schedules for the Elite Clubs National League Player Development Program (PDP) event to be held on March 17-18, 2018 in Baltimore, MD have been announced.

The PDP Northeast (South) event will be held on March 17-18, 2018, in Baltimore, MD at the McDonogh School, with some of the best players from the following ECNL clubs in the Northeast conference: Bethesda SC, Continental FC, FC Bucks, Maryland United, Match Fit Academy, PDA, and World Class. For a full roster of the participating players, including team assignments and schedule for this event, click here.

Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
Heather Hinz GK Bethesda SC
Juliette Grasso GK World Class
1/79 Morgan Wiese D Bethesda SC
11/97 Sara Donovan D World Class
12/100 Taylor Tolson D Bethesda SC
13/101 Taylor Williams D PDA
14/104 Julianna Lynch M Bethesda SC
15 Julie Beedle M FC Bucks
16/96 Annabel Hofmann M Maryland United
17/102 Nichol Green M PDA
18/99 Gabriella Zalot M FC Bucks
31/121 Becca Grosibel M Match Fit Academy
33/95 Julianna Bonner F Maryland United
34/111 Kiley Endres F Continental FC
35/120 Rachel Deresky F Maryland United
36/119 Kalli Wethern F Maryland United

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
Kaitlyn Parks GK Maryland United
37/112 Laila Payton D Continental FC
38/116 Gianna Lucchesi D FC Bucks
39/118 Laila Booker D Maryland United
40/117 Alexis Riley D Match Fit Academy
41/115 Kristen Cocozza M Continental FC
42/114 Chloe Ferreira M PDA
43/113 Rachel Peacock M World Class
47/103 Grace Whitman M Bethesda FC
51/110 Hope Flanegin M Continental FC
52 Lily McCarthy M Maryland United
53 Mia Issac M Maryland United
54 Giana Romano M PDA
55 Claudia Dipasupal F Match Fit Academy
56 Jameese Joseph F Bethesda SC
57 Allison Lowrey F PDA
58 Molly Wierman F Match Fit Academy
59 Lacey McCormack M Bethesda SC

Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
Emily Cuccio GK World Class
61 Marcia Ojo D PDA
62 Amy Diaz D World Class
63 Kelly DeGaetano D PDA
64 Luisa Navas M Bethesda SC
65 Lindsey DeHaven M FC Bucks
66 Sydney Masur M Match Fit Academy
67 Julia Conforti M Match Fit Academy
68 Kate Olcott M Bethesda SC
69 Taylor Brennan M Match Fit Academy
70 Keara Pizzaro M PDA
71 Peyton Weber F Continental FC
72 Mia Saccone F PDA
73 Kavita Parekh F PDA

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
Stevie Mika GK Maryland United
60 Danielle Campbell D Maryland United
74 Alayna Lychard D Maryland United
75 Meredith Black D FC Bucks
76 Julia Beck M FC Bucks
77 Samantha Strobel M Match Fit Academy
78 Paige Hoeger F Continental FC
80 Fernanda Serna M World Class
81 Madelyn Greco M Continental FC
82 Sarah Granozio M Match Fit Academy
83 Kate Mazzaella M Match Fit Academy
84 Maddie McDowell M FC Bucks
Claire Manning F Match Fit Academy
Elizabeth Gallaher F PDA