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Youth Boys Aug 28, 2012

Champions crowned at 17th annual PWSI Toys for Tots Tournament

By Jimmy LaRoue

Fifteen champions were crowned on the opening weekend of the 17th annual PWSI Toys for Tots Tournament. For’s complete coverage of the first weekend of the tournament, go here.

The list of champions is below:

Division  Champion  Finalist  Result
U9B RED PWSI Courage 03 Red VYS Red Vipers 1st, 2nd
U9G RED BRYC 03 Elite VYS Fire Red 6:1
U9G WHITE Loudoun U9 White BRYC ’03 Elite Black 4:2
U10B RED ABGC Knights FC MCLN MPS 02 Galaxy Green 3:0
U10B WHITE MCLN MPS 02 Galaxy White MCLN MPS 02 Galaxy Gold 1st, 2nd
U10G RED ASC Explosion Gold PWSI Courage 02 Red 2:0
U10G WHITE BRYC ’02 Elite Blue VSA Heat Gold 2:0
U11B RED PWSI Courage 01 Red McLean Rangers Green 1st, 2nd
U11B WHITE LMVSC ’01 Boys Red VISTA Champions F.C. 5:2
U11B BLACK Vienna Lightning Black McLean Rangers Gold 2:1
U11G RED WBSC Strikers 01G Blue Beach FC 1st, 2nd
U11G WHITE SYA Cardinals ’01 Black LMVSC Patriots White 1st, 2nd
U12B RED AC Cugini Calciomania ’00 CYA Cesena ’00 4:0
U12G RED PWSI Courage 00 RED PWSI Courage 01 Red 1st, 2nd
U12G WHITE BAC Phoenix PWSI Courage 00 White 2:0

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