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NCAA Mar 16, 2013

“Balance” a buzzword on Jefferson Cup sidelines

By Amber Dunlap

RICHMOND, Va. — “Balance” – that’s the word that came up multiple times Friday in conversation with parents as well as college scouts at the Jefferson Cup.

If you’re looking to play college soccer, combining the rigors of pursuing a college degree with the demands of competing at the collegiate level can be challenging, but not impossible.

Speaking with the parents, it sounds like the girls wishing to move on up to the collegiate level recognize the importance of finding that balance between soccer, school and relaxation, all three being the necessary ingredients to a successful college soccer career.

Throw in the dimension of regional teams with players traveling an hour or more just to get to practice, and there can be quite a bit to juggle.

The Under-18 Maryland Rush Nike Premier is one such team, with players traveling near and far to train two to three times a week.

“They take their soccer seriously,” the team manager said, “but they also know how to have fun.”

Speaking with a college coach who prefers to remain anonymous, one of the biggest characteristics they look for in a potential recruit is a player who is “well-rounded.”

They want to have a player who is a good person overall, who can handle a busy schedule and still perform — someone who can find that balance amid seemingly overwhelming responsibilities.

For many of these girls showcasing their abilities at the Jefferson Cup, the busy schedules they endure week after week have prepared them for the next level, and it’s made them even more marketable to the college scouts.

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