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Former Xavier University men’s soccer standout Derrick Otim passes away

Former Xavier standout Derrick Otim tragically passed away.

NCAA Jul 06, 2020

Texas Tech defender Margaret Begley to return for sixth NCAA season

Texas Tech defender Margaret Begley will return for a sixth season.

Women's Competition Jul 03, 2020

The Citadel women’s soccer team adds three graduate transfers

The Citadel added three graduate transfers.

Women's Recruiting Jul 03, 2020

Purdue Soccer hires Kelsey Brouwer as assistant coach

Kelsey Brouwer has joined the Purdue soccer staff.

Coaching Jul 03, 2020

Long Beach State women’s soccer signs 7 freshmen to go along with 5 transfers

Long Beach State women's soccer signed seven freshmen.

Women's Recruiting Jul 01, 2020

University of Minnesota women’s soccer hires Maya Hayes as assistant coach

Maya Hayes joined the University of Minnesota coaching staff.

Coaching Jul 01, 2020

University of Oregon signs top high school soccer scorer in state history

The University of Oregon has signed Callan Harrington.

Women's Recruiting Jul 01, 2020