The Soccer Wire started with just a Mid-Atlantic focused email newsletter titled Potomac Soccer Wire in December, 2006, and has been going strong ever since. Our unique focus on covering “local” soccer news and information quickly took hold within the local soccer community throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC; growing to become the leading provider of news, information, opinion, and community discussion throughout the region.

In subsequent years, the concept expanded nationally and in early 2012 we launched a new website platform (where you are right now) capable of segregating content based on geographic relevancy, thereby proving readers with the ability to consume and contribute within their own “local” geographies of interest. By choosing your region or even US State/Canadian Province at the top of any page, you can filter content that our editors have tagged specifically for that area.

Our philosophy is to cover the things players, coaches, and parents care about most in their soccer news – which we have found becomes a more “caring” experience the more local the information. We try to publish something every day that is locally-relevant to each of these audiences. Our goal is to be the first place everyone thinks of when they want to see what’s going on out on the fields in their town.

Our Staff
Chris Hummer, Founder, Publisher
Chris a long-time player, coach, and soccer business executive living in Northern Virginia, who has spent over a decade in proving web-based solutions and services to the local and national grassroots soccer community. Chris is also a USSF “A” licensed coach, and in 2013 was General Manger of the Washington Spirit professional women’s club before resigning to re-focus completely on Soccer Wire and the Communications Services side of HummerSport, LLC. (read articles by Chris on SoccerWire.com)

Charles Boehm, Editor-in-Chief (@cboehm)
Charlie has covered MLS and the rest of the North American soccer world for more than six years. A native of Dallas, Texas, Charlie made D.C. his home following a hard-working – but hardly spectacular – NCAA Division III college career and subsequent Peace Corps stint in the small, soccer-crazed, island nation of Grenada, where he also coached and played in the Grenadian Premier League (such as it is). (read articles by Charlie on SoccerWire.com)

Hannah Krieger, Website Editor
Hannah is also a long-time coach and player, who has worked with Soccer Wire since 2008, and is now living in Denver. Hannah runs our News Desk, posting incoming content via press releases and is responsible for deciding what third-party submitted content is posted to our website and where it goes within the site. She also squeezes in some original articles of her own, and writes most of the story introductions when we cover news from other publishers.

Amber Dunlap, Newsletter Editor
Amber joined HummerSport in 2012 in support of the firm’s growing Communications Services client base, and added the role Newsletter Editor in 2013. In that role she compiles all content and advertising for our flagship 15,000-subscriber strong Potomac Soccer Wire email newsletter every Tuesday and Friday.

Liviu Bird, Cascadia Soccer Wire Editor (@liviubird)
Liviu lives in Seattle, but is originally from Alaska. He played collegiately for four years and currently coaches high school and community college teams in the Seattle areas in addition to writing primarily for NBC Pro Sports Talk and Soccer Wire.  His content focus for Soccer Wire is on all things soccer in the Pacific Northwest (Cascadia) region of the US and Canada, with an emphasis on long form feature style writing. (read articles by Liviu on SoccerWire.com)

Caitlin Murray, Women’s Soccer Editor (@wosocait)
Caitlin is a former daily newspaper reporter who covered government and education for several years. After building a strong reputation for professionalism and insight in cover women’s soccer as a freelance journalist, Caitlin joined Soccer Wire in 2013 to lead our coverage of the National Women’s Soccer League, the U.S. women’s national team and all other things women’s soccer. (read articles by Caitlin on SoccerWire.com)

Dr. Wendy Lebolt, Health, Fitness & Psychology Editor (@fit2finish)
A longtime coach and physiologist who is the founder of Fit2Finish, a Northern Virginia-based training, fitness and rehabilitation company which works with teams and individual players to maximize health and performance. She regularly offers learned perspectives on the mental, physical and psychological aspects of the beautiful game in both our Kicking Fit blog as well as our regular news content areas. (read articles by Wendy on SoccerWire.com)

John Loy, Account Manager
John is a long-time player and nearly full-time referee living in Northern Virginia, and is responsible for managing partnerships and advertising clients for the Soccer Wire.

Additional Contributing Staff and regular Guest Columnists
Ray Alley
Dave Rowaan
Joe Dougherty
Roger Gonzalez
Quinn Casteel
Jimmy LaRoue

If you would like to host your blog or contribute content to The Soccer Wire, email news@thesoccerwire.com