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US Youth Soccer Midwest Region ODP Girls 2008 Roster (2023-24 Season)

US Youth Soccer has revealed the Olympic Development Program (ODP) rosters for all four regions as the 2023-24 season is set to begin.

First Name Last Name State Association
Braelynn Galt IL
Mackenzie Lorkowski IL
Paige Baird WI
Addison Basler MO
Elizabeth Burfeind IL
Callie Hefner IL
Teagen Jurek MN
Ava Kus IL
Hannah McKeon MO
Mia Mosher KS
Conamora Ndana MI
Sloane Popov MI
Gabriela Retana WI
Addison Sitzman IL
Gabrielle Smith IL
Morgan Smith MO
Gianna Stiehm MN
Maren Swan MI
Coach Title Coach Name Programs Involved With
Head Coach Joe Malachino Eastern Michigan
Assistant Coach Christy Kononiuk Missouri State University
Coach Name Teams Programs Involved With
Nick Roman 2006 and 2007 Illinois Youth Soccer
Paul Jennison 2008 and 2009 IMG Academy
Derek Willis 2010 and 2011 Kentucky Youth Soccer

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