I have officiated with many good refs in my 45 years of refereeing. Here is my view of what makes a good youth soccer referee:

  1. Arrives at the field appropriately-dressed 30 minutes before his or her first game of the day
  2. Checks the field before the match and especially that both goals are anchored
  3. Is pleasant to players and coaches, particularly in making a good first impression when checking in the teams
  4. Knows the Laws of the Game and how they should be applied to each age group and level
  5. Keeps up with play
  6. Controls the game and his or her emotions, especially when others are losing their cool
  7. Briefly explains the decisions that need to be explained

A referee need not be ready to do World Cup games to be an effective and respected youth soccer ref. For our 2,300 referees in Eastern New York, how many of these seven items do you fulfill?