I have worked in the last 40 years with thousands of coaches from two very different countries. Coaches that have worked in all different levels within the game. In my view, here are the key traits that make someone a good coach:

  1. Displays a deep passion for coaching and teaching in a way that makes the learners thrive.
  2. Connects with the players as people first and shows a genuine interest in their well-being.
  3. Is always well-planned and prepared.
  4. Possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the child in front of him or her.
  5. Combines the above with a deep knowledge of the game and can therefore make wise decisions on what to teach.
  6. Understands that player development should always come before the win-at-all-costs mentality.
  7. Has a great ability to understand the readiness of the group, puts their needs first and is willing to adapt.

Is a master of the 14 different methods in youth coaching and can adapt which are employed based on the context they have to coach within.

How many of these characteristics do you fulfill?