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Advice Feb 13, 2013

Should boys and girls be coached differently?

Should boys and girls be coached differently?

Soccer America’s Mike Woitalla sat down with U.S. Youth Soccer Technical Director Sam Snow to discuss whether or not there are real differences in coaching girls and boys.

Snow acknowledges that there are both physical and psychological differences that coaches should be aware of. Additionally, coaches should adjust their approach.

“The coaching style must be within the coach’s personality,” said Snow.”The coaching methods, though, will change with the age group and indeed to some degree with the gender.

“It has been noted, as an example, that if a coach states at halftime that the team must do a better job of marking up, a girl will feel the coach is talking specifically about her, not the entire team, and a boy will be sure the coach is talking about his teammates, not him.

“Given the differences in learning styles, a coach must vary the means of communication regardless of the gender. Some players need to hear the coach’s message in a blunt and direct manner and others need the sandwich approach.”

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