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College Recruiting Dec 26, 2017

NCAA Women’s Soccer Commitment Announcements: December 2017

The NCAA Soccer Commitment Tracker is presented by the Jefferson Cup, one of the nation’s top college showcase tournaments.

The following players have reported their NCAA women’s soccer commitments to for the recruiting classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020 during the month of December 2017.

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NCAA Women’s Soccer Commitment Tracker
Class of 2017 | Class of 2018 | Class of 2019 | Class of 2020

Class of 2018

Jennifer Barroso – Midfielder
Youth Club: Legends FC (CA)
Commitment: UC Riverside

Elise Crew – Forward
Youth Club: Cincinnati DA (OH)
Commitment: Xavier

Marissa McAfee – Defender
Youth Club: United FA (GA)
Commitment: Carnegie Mellon

Emma Brandes – Defender
Youth Club: Panathinaikos USA (MO)
Commitment: Lyon College

Kamaron Powell – Midfielder
Youth Club: Charlotte United FC (NC)
Commitment: Grambling State

Emma Lyon – Forward
Youth Club: Beach FC Academy (CA)
Commitment: Notre Dame de Namur

Alix Allen – Defender
Youth Club: Beach FC (VA)
Commitment: Hampton

Glory Smith – Forward
Youth Club: Eagles SC (CA)
Commitment: Eastern Washington

Megan Porras – Midfielder
Youth Club: Patriot FC (NJ)
Commitment: Belmont

Emily Lewis – Forward
Youth Club: Houston Dash Academy (TX)
Commitment: Grambling State

Hinsley Raines – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Thomson Revolution FC (GA)
Commitment: Brevard College

Madison Hausmann – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Chicago Inter (IL)
Commitment: Loyola Chicago

Gina Peraino – Forward
Youth Club: Continental FC (PA)
Commitment: Navy

Kelsey Murphy – Forward
Youth Club: Quickstrike FC (NY)
Commitment: Albany

Taylor Coleman – Defender
Youth Club: Carolina Elite SA (NC)
Commitment: Presbyterian

Class of 2019

Maggie Cotter – Midfielder
Youth Club: Match Fit Academy (NJ)
Commitment: Colgate

Abigail Atchley – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: FC Dallas Youth (TX)
Commitment: Gardner-Webb

Gretchen Bennett – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: FC Virginia (VA)
Commitment: Boston University

Brooke Flores – Forward
Youth Club: Rebels SC (CA)
Commitment: Eastern Washington

Whitney Wiley – Midfielder
Youth Club: Vienna Youth Soccer (VA)
Commitment: New Hampshire

Cori Riegler – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Cincinnati United DA (OH)
Commitment: Morehead State

Elizabeth Thayer – Defender
Youth Club: Washington Rush (WA)
Commitment: Eastern Washington

Alissa Abrams – Defender
Youth Club: Eagles SC (CA)
Commitment: Army

Makinzie Short – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: FC Boulder (CO)
Commitment: Nebraska

Maya Bellomo – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: Michigan Hawks (MI)
Commitment: Baylor

Class of 2020

Megan Rucker – Midfielder
Youth Club: Mustang SC (CA)
Commitment: Oregon

Madelyn Brothers – Defender
Youth Club: Pac NW (WA)
Commitment: Eastern Washington

Isabelle Moultray – Midfielder
Youth Club: Central Washington Sounders (WA)
Commitment: Eastern Washington

Alia Skinner – Goalkeeper
Youth Club: United Soccer Alliance (FL)
Commitment: Virginia Tech

Emma Davis – Forward
Youth Club: San Juan SC (CA)
Commitment: Pacific

Jordyn Smith – Midfielder
Youth Club: Kentucky Fire Juniors (KY)
Commitment: Coastal Carolina

Grace Terrill – Forward
Youth Club: Central Washington Sounders (WA)
Commitment: Eastern Washington

Chase Ray – Midfielder
Youth Club: Ambassadors FC (OH)
Commitment: Valparaiso

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