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Resources Jun 17, 2014

Five best USA vs Ghana goal celebration videos on YouTube

Wow, did John Brook’s late winner for the U.S. Men’s National Team against Ghana at the World Cup on Monday bring back memories of Landon Donovan’s goal in 2010 against Algeria or what!

Remember those celebration videos – from back in a time before Vine existed or Instagram video even existed?

This one was the big one, with millions of views within days.

Noticeably absent from the above 4 years ago? They’re mostly indoor venues with far less face paint and $150 US Soccer Jerseys.

If that 2010 moment was “THE” tipping point for the average American finally supporting the game, what happened in the next USA game in South Africa was the ousting by the very same Ghana was a rude introduction to the realities of the world’s game far too soon!

Now there’s another chance to turn a tipping point into a watershed moment that moves soccer totally into the mainstream on the American sports landscape. Monday was a start, but getting out of the Group of Death is still key to build a solid base from all the newly interested.

If these videos show all the fans already willing to paint faces and trek to big public venues with average video quality at best, imagine the videos to come if Team USA make a serious run!


Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Birmingham, Alabama, USA:

Kansas City, Missouri, USA:

Nashville, Tennessee, USA:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

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