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Resources Sep 29, 2014

Bayern Munich newcomer Xabi Alonso sets record with 204 touches in a game

Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso set a new Bundesliga record Saturday after touching the ball 204 times in his team’s 2-0 win over Cologne. Yes, 204 times.. and that’s not “touches” as in it counts a 4 if he touched it 4 times on a single dribbling possession. That means 204 times he touched the ball at least once in some sort of kicking or passing attempt.

That works out to having a touch on the ball once every 30 seconds over the course of the game, a truly astonishing stat.

Teammate Thomas Muller told Germany’s Bild magazine following the performance “200 ball contacts. I need a whole season for that.” (Muller plays forward for Bayern and the World Champion Germany).

Position on the field of Xabi Alonso's 204 touches vs. Cologne

Position on the field of Xabi Alonso’s 204 touches vs. Cologne

The Bundesliga started tracking touches in 1999, and so far Bayern players dominate the record book, presently occupying the top five positions. Alonso holds the #4 spot as well with 165 touches against Paderborn just a few days ago.

At this rate, the Bundesliga newcomer via Real Madrid stardom may just occupy all 10 positions by season’s end.

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