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Jade Relkoff

Position: Goalkeeper
Current Club: Snohomish United
Birth Date: Jun, 2005
Graduation Year: 2023
Location: Monroe, WA, United States
Dominant Foot: Right

Jade has played with Snohomish United for the last 5 years. 2 years played EPD 2018 & 2019, Western Regional Travel team 2018 & 2019, ODP Camp 2018 & 2019,
Washington State Champs 2019, Farwest Regional Champs 2019, 1 of 8 teams to attend and compete at Nationals 2019.
Currently her team is ranked #1 in Wa. State and 40th Nationally.
Jade plans to continue to grow her love of soccer and after HS play college!
Check her schedule out, RCL U15 D1, NWRL and NL USYS.