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Potomac Soccer Wire Email Newsletter

Potomac Soccer Wire Email Newsletter

Since 2006 with over 25,000 subscribers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Potomac Soccer Wire email newsletter is the publication that started it all with us! Before there was a website, we compiled news and information from around the soccer scene from Baltimore to Southern Virginia and sent out our text-only email newsletters twice per week.

Today, this is still our biggest regional newsletter covering soccer in the country, and it continues to grow.

PUBLICATION DAYS: Tuesdays and Fridays
SUBSCRIBERS: Over 25,000
REGIONAL FOCUS: All states that touch the Potomac River (DC, Maryland, Virginia)
FORMAT: Email Only

How Often Does This Go Out

We send PSW every Tuesday and Friday year round, except on major holidays. It typically is sent between 12 noon and 2 pm, but is sometimes delayed for breaking news.

What Region Does It Cover?

The name “Potomac” is the secret, as Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia are all touched by the Potomac River. Most of the population of our readers reside in the greater DC Metro area, but we also cover quite a bit of news from Baltimore, Richmond, and Virginia Beach metro areas.

How Do I Get My News Included?

There are several ways news and other information can make it into an issue of PSW. No single way is guaranteed, but know that we want to share truly newsworthy soccer information with our readers, and will make a great effort to include what we find or is sent to us. News from and linked to Links to news on websites of clubs, tournaments, leagues and more that we cover Links to other interesting news, opinion, blogs, and advice we come across

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