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USYS Jun 28, 2015

Watch Live: US Youth Soccer Region IV Championship Finals

(Via US Youth Soccer) – US Youth Soccer has announced it is providing live coverage of this summer’s US Youth Soccer Region IV Championship finals matches in Boise, Idaho. All live games will be available at no cost and in high definition, with commentators calling the action to further showcase the nation’s top athletes as tickets.

Viewers will witness Region IV champions being crowned and tickets punched to the 2015 US Youth Soccer National Championships in Tulsa, Okla., where more than 80 games will also be streamed including select group stage matches, semifinals and finals.

2015 Region IV Championships Broadcast Schedule | Sunday June 28

8:00 AM Field 20 – U15G La Roca Premier PO (UT) v Carlsbad Elite 99 (CAS)

8:15 AM Field 4 – U17B Santa Barbara SC White (CAS) v South San Jose Pac Indios (CAN)

8:45 AM Field 5a – U14B San Jose Earthquakes PDA 01 (CAN) v Sparta 01 JK (UT)

8:45 AM Field 18 – U18G La Roca PO (UT) v Rio Rapids SC 97 (NM)

9:00 AM Field 19 – U15B Sereno West 00 Chelsea (AZ) v Surf Aguilar (CAS)

10:15 AM Field 20 – U16G La Roca FD (UT) v Arsenal FC S Bowers (CAS)

10:30 AM Field 19 – U16B Seattle United 98 Copa (WA) v Albion SC Garton (CAS)

10:45 AM Field 5a – U14G Legends FC Gold (CAS) v Rush 01 (HI)

10:45 AM Field 4 – U17G La Roca Premier (UT) v 98 Celtic FC Premier (UT)

11:00 AM Field 18 – U18B LVSA 97 Red (NV) v FC Golden State White (CAS)

Time Age Group Home State Away State Field
10:15 AM U12 G Legends FC 02 CA-S v SD Surf Academy 02/03 CA-S 3
8:00 AM U12 B Seattle United 02 Copa WA v Total Futbol Academy CA-S 3
8:15 AM U13 G So Cal Blues Baker CA-S v Eagles SC CA-S 6
10:30 AM U13 B LVSA 02 Red NV v EC Real Galaxy FC 01 CA-N 6
10:45 AM U14 G Legends FC Gold CA-S v Rush 01 HI 5A
8:45 AM U14 B SJ Earthquakes PDA 01 CA-N v Sparta 01 JK UT 5A
8:00 AM U15 G La Roca Premier PO UT v Carlsbad Elite 99 CA-S 20
9:00 AM U15 B Sereno West 00 Chelsea AZ v Surf Aguilar CA-S 19
10:15 AM U16 G La Roca FD UT v Arsenal FC S Bowers CA-S 20
11:30 AM U16 B Seattle United 98 Copa WA v Albion SC Garton CA-S 19
10:45 AM U17 G LaRoca Premier UT v 98 Celtic FC Premier UT 4
8:15 AM U17 B Santa Barbara SC White CA-S v South San Jose PAC Indios CA-N 4
8:45 AM U18 G La Roca PO UT v Rio Rapids SC 97 NM 18
11:00 AM U18 B LVSA 97 Red NV v FC Golden State White CA-S 18
8:00 AM U15 G* Palo Alto 00 Blue CAN v Albion SC White CA-S 7
Playoff to determine ticket to National Championships. 
Both teams in the U15G final qualified via National League

In Tulsa, each of the 14 National Championship semifinal and final matches, as well as broadcasts from several games each day throughout group play, will allow family, friends, scouts and fans live access to the action.

In addition to the US Youth Soccer Region IV and  National Championships, live coverage will be provided for the finals of the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships and US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup. In all, more than 150 hours of live game coverage will be available this summer. More live coverage of US Youth Soccer events in planned for 2015-2016, including all regional championship finals in 2016.

Event Date(s) Games*
Region II Championships (WI) June 24 U15-19 Finals
Region IV Championships (ID) June 28 U14-18 Finals
National Presidents Cup (KS) July 12 TBA Finals
National Championships (OK) July 21-26 Group Play, U14-18 Semifinals, U13-19 Finals

*Subject to change

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