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Tournaments Oct 08, 2012

WAGS Tournament: A look toward the finals, showcases on the final day

By Jimmy LaRoue

While the upper age groups are playing the 37th Annual WAGS Rael Vodicka Memorial Tournament in a showcase format of one match per day, the rest of the tournament has put the girls’ elite youth movement on display in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

Going through each age group, we’ll let you know where things stand heading into the final day of play. Follow the links to specific results and records for each team in that respective bracket.

The Under-16, U-17 and U-19 brackets were showcase brackets and are playing just one match per day, with no semifinal, final or consolation matches

Girls U-11 Red/White/Blue

Red Final: NJ Crush FC Tsunami vs. Calvert Crew White

White Final: Rage SC 01 (PAE) vs. Teysa/FC Europa 01/02 Liberty (PAE)

Blue Final: OBGC Freedom (MD) vs. Warrington Bombers (PAE)

Girls U-12 11v11 Flight-WAGS Cup/11v11 A-Flight/8v8 A-Flight/8v8 B-Flight/8v8 C-Flight

11v11 Flight-WAGS Cup Final: Charlotte United Futbol Club 00 Gold G (NC) vs. Fairfield Optimist U-12 Red Rage (OS)

11v11 A-Flight Final: Ohio Premier Red (ON) vs. Cleveland FC North (ON)

8v8 A-Flight Final: NVSC Jr. Majesstics 00 (VA) vs. Loudoun Soccer 00 Red (VA)

8v8 B-Flight Final: Yardley Makefield Soccer Gunners (PAE) vs. New York Rush Patriots 2001 Blue

8v8 C-Flight Final: Sterling FC Elite Black 00 (VA) vs. Philadelphia SC Falcons (PAE)

Girls U-13 Cup Flight/A-Flight/B-Flight/C-Flight

U-13 Cup Flight Final: North Rockland Rowdies (NYE) vs. NJ Crush FC Stampede (NJ)

U-13 A-Flight Final: FC United Select (IL) vs. Cleveland FC U13 Royal (ON)

U-13 B-Flight Final: Delran SC Red Devils (NJ) vs. Alleycats 99/00 (NYE)

U-13 C-Flight Final: Beadling 99/00 Girls (PAW) vs. Lee-Mt. Vernon SC Patriots Red 99 (VA)

Girls U-14 Cup Flight/A-Flight/B-Flight/C-Flight

U-14 Cup Flight Final: Yardley Makefield Soccer XPlosion 98 (PAE) vs. Eastside FC G98 Red (WA)

U-14 A-Flight Final: NJ Stallions BEC Celtics (NJ) vs. SC United FC–Mt. Pleasant 98G Elite (SC)

U-14 B-Flight: Beadling Bulldogs (PAW) vs. Pinecrest Premier 98/99-G (FL)

U-14 C-Flight: Richmond Kickers Elite (VA) vs. PA Classics Academy 98 (PAE)

Girls U-15 Cup Flight/A-Flight/B-Flight

U-15 Cup Flight: FC United Select 1 (IL) vs Super Nova FC 98G (PAE)

U-15 A-Flight: NC Fusion Elite 97 (NC) vs. TKO Crew Juniors 98 Gold (MI)

U-15 B-Flight: Teysa FCE 97/98 (PAE) vs. Toms River FC Force (NJ)

Girls U-16 Showcase/Showcase II

Notable: In Showcase I, four teams leading their respective brackets have won both of their matches–VSA Heat Blue (VA), Norcross SA 97 Fury Premier (GA), PWSI Courage 96 Red (VA) and Freestate Storm ECNL (MD). In Showcase II, Richmond Kickers Elite and NJ Wildcats Rossi-ASL both 2-0-0 in respective brackets. Showcase II Bracket 5 has four teams–Pennsylvania Rush Nike, SAC United Kickers of Maryland, AC Premier 97 of New Jersey and Lindenhurst SC Ladyflyers (NYE) that have played two matches each, all ties.

Girls U-17 Showcase I/Showcase II

Notable: In Showcase I, Ukrainian Nationals Verkhovnyy (PAE), FC Bucks En Fuego (PAE), PWSI Courage 95 Gold (VA), Windy City Pride 45 (IL), Richmond Kickers Elite (VA), West Chester United SC Predators 95 (PAE) all 2-0-0. In Showcase II, Premier Eagles (MD), Richmond Strikers SC ECNL, Arlington Travel SC Flame (VA) and Maryland Rush Nike 95 (MD) all 2-0-0.

Girls U-19 Showcase

Notable: Herndon Youth Soccer Firecats (VA), TS United (PAE) both atop their respective brackets with two wins in two matches.


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