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Youth Girls Jun 12, 2012

WAGS spring season concludes as 34 champions earn top honors

By Jimmy LaRoue

The Washington Area Girls Soccer League has concluded its spring 2012 season and crowned 34 champions from the U-12 through U-19 age groups.

The following are the first and second place teams in each age group and division:

U12 Division 1: 1st–Bethesda Academy Blue, 2nd–ASC Premier ’99

U12 Division 2: 1st–LMVS Patriots Red, 2nd–SYC Storm White

U12 Division 3: 1st–Freestate Freedom Red, 2nd–McLean Real Green

U12 Division 5B: 1st–NVSC Jr. Majestics 99 Blue, 2nd–BRYC 99 Elite Blue

U12 Division 5C: 1st–BAC United, 2nd– Olney Galaxy

U12 Division 5D: SYA Synergy White, 2nd–VISTA LFC Tornado Blue

U13 Division 1: 1st–ASA Azzurri, 2nd–Bethesda Academy 98

U13 Division 2: 1st–REST United ’98, 2nd–Baltimore Bays Blues

U13 Division 3: 1st–WSC CASA ’98, 2nd–CSC Patuxent Speed

U13 Division 4 Green: 1st–MSC Stallions 98, 2nd–SAC United I

U13 Division 4 White: 1st–Alexandria Revolution White, 2nd–DSC Flames

U13 Division 5E: 1st–Arlington Forza White, 2nd–MSC Extreme

U13 Division 5J: 1st–Alliance SC Black Venom, 2nd–Chantilly Magic

U13 Division 5M: 1st–SSA Magic, 2nd–NVSC Jr. Majestics 98 Blue

U13 Division 5R: 1st–EPIC Blizzard, 2nd–Reston Elite 98

U14 Division 1: 1st–MSC Coyotes White, 2nd–FSC Xtreme

U14 Division 2:  1st–SSA Blink Magic, 2nd–Alliance SC Rage

U14 Division 3: 1st–DC Stoddert Flash 97 (fka Metros Blue), 2nd–SEVP Tsunami

U14 Division 4: 1st–MPS 97G Extreme Green, 2nd–Freestate Fury 97

U14 Division 5: 1st–FCSC Fever, 2nd–FPYC Lions

U14 Pre Divisional Program: 1st–BAC Fire & Ice, 2nd–Waldorf Wings

U15 Division 1: 1st–VSA Heat Blue, 2nd–DC Stoddert Metros Blue 96

U15 Division 2: 1st–TSC Thunder Extreme, 2nd–FPYC Wildcats Blue

U15 Division 3: 1st–Reston Real Force, 2nd–Herndon Heat

U15 Division 4: 1st–Alexandria Thunder, 2nd–FCSC Blackwatch

U15 Division 5:  1st–VSA Heat Gold, 2nd–SASA Revolution 96 White

U16 Division 4: 1st–FC Frederick ’95, 2nd–ASA Blue Flames

U16 Division 5: 1st–SYA Arsenal, 2nd–Freestate Fire 95

U17 Division 4: 1st–CSC Explosion, 2nd–VISTA BC United

U17 Division 5: 1st–ODFC Lightning 95, 2nd–MYS Breakers

U19 Division 4: 1st–FC Frederick ’93, 2nd–GSC Elite

High School Division 1: 1st–Bethesda Storm, 2nd–Herndon Sting

High School Division 2: 1st–CYA Hotshots ’95, 2nd–TSC Thunder Magic

High School Division 3: 1st–ASA Arundel Blast, 2nd–Alliance SC Legacy 95

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