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Youth Girls Nov 13, 2012

WAGS: Fall 2012 season comes to a close

By Jimmy LaRoue

The Washington Area Girls Soccer League’s fall 2012 season concluded over the Veterans Day holiday weekend with teams clinching their final division placements.

In U-12 Division D, SYA Cardinals 00 White East (8-0-1, 22 pts.) clinched a tie for the top spot in points with TSC Blitz Ajax (8-0-1, 25 pts.) by defeating third-place Loudoun 00G Black  (7-2-0, 21 pts.) 4-0 Sunday. SYA gave up just two goals all season.

Chantilly Santos took the U-12 Division G title with a 9-0-0 mark and a +47 goal differential. VYS Freedom Red ended up in second place at 7-2-0 following a 6-0 win over BRYC 00 Elite Blue.

SAC United Blue Premier previously clinched U-12 Division J but lost its final game of the season, 3-0 to DC Stoddert Metros Red 00. to finish 7-1-1. SAC United won the division by one point over DAA Extreme and Loudoun 00G White. DAA Extreme defeated PAC Strikers 7-1, while Loudoun 00G White took down ASA Charge 4-0.

Tied with McLean United Green going into the final weekend of U-12 Division L, NVSC Jr. Majestics took down ABGC Xtreme 2000 White 14-0. Majestics outscored opponents 76-1 over the course of the season.

In U-12 Division N, Waldorf SC 00 Orange (8-0-1, 25 pts.) won first place, defeating VYS Freedom White 6-0 to finish the fall season. And, while the U-12 Division O season finished, with WSC CASA 00 (8-0-1, 25 pts.) winning the title by a single point over SAC United Premier White (8-1-0, 24 pts.).

Another Waldorf team, Waldorf SC 00 Black, took the U-12 Division S title with a 9-0-0 record, concluding the fall with a 5-1 win over McLean MPS United White.

SEVP Lasers won the U-12 Division V title with an 8-0-2 record, while MRS Madness and LMVS Patriots Red tying for second place with 7-2-1 records.

In U-13 Division 1, VYS Patriots Black (8-1-1, 25 pts.) won the division title, while SAC United Premier (7-2-1, 22 pts.) took second, Freestate North Red finished third (6-1-3, 21 pts.) and SYC Storm White (6-2-2, 20 pts.) fourth.In U-13 Division 2 was unsettled heading into Sunday’s final day of play, with the top two teams within one point of each other, but FSC Premier (8-0-1, 25 pts.) defeating McLean Real Green (7-2-0, 21 pts.) 2-0 on the season’s final day to secure the division title.

Crofton A3 Ponies (8-0-1, 25 pts.) won the U-13 Division 3 title with one game to play and ended the season with a 2-0 win over SEVP Extreme.

In U-13 Division 4, MSC Panthers ran free of the rest of the division, closing the season with a 10-0-1 record and outscoring opponents 38-2. Its nearest division rival, CYA Cesena 99 (7-2-2, 23 pts.), finished in second place after a 3-1 win over VIST Leesburg FC Tornado.

PWSI Courage 99 White (6-1-1, 19 pts.) has clinched no worse than a tie for first place in U-13 Division 5B heading into the final weekend of play. ODSC Hawks (5-2-1, 16 pts.) could have tied on points with a win over Olney Galaxy (6-2-0, 18 pts.) Sunday, but the Galaxy’s 2-0 win gave it second place instead. The Hawks fell to fourth behind CSA Sharks (5-1-2, 17 pts.).

In U-13 Division 5E title,  Freestate Freedom White was ahead with a 6-2-0 record and ODFC Sting (5-2-1, 17 pts.) in second and Arlington Chaos White (5-2-1) and Alexandria United White (5-1-1) tied for third place. No score was reported between Alexandria United White and LMVS Patriots Red. If Alexandria wins, it will take first place .

The U-13 Division 5J title was up for grabs heading into the final day Sunday, with the top two teams–Laurel Academy Premier 99 (8-1-0, 24 pts.) and MRM Legend (6-1-2, 20 pts.) going head-to-head, but with a 1-0 win, Laurel Academy Premier 99 took the title. DC Stoddert Red Metros 99 (7-1-1, 19 pts.) defeated FC Frederick 99 Royal 3-0 to take second place.

ASA Azzurri (7-0-2, 23 pts.) won first place, with VYS Thunder Black (7-2-0, 21 pts.) coming in second in U-14 Division 1. In U-14 Division 2, SYC Xplosion (7-2-0, 21 pts.) narrowly won the division title over MSC Stallions 98 (6-1-2, 20 pts.) and CSC Patuxent Speed (6-1-2, 20 pts.) following a 2-1 win over VSA Heat 98G Gold on the final day.

ODFC Lightning (7-0-2, 23 pts.), by two points, took the U-14 Division 3 title over Herndon Pegasus (6-0-3, 21 pts.). ODFC Lightning closed out its season with a 4-0 win over GRFL 98 Spirit Blue. In U-14 Division 4, Chantilly Magic finished first with an 8-1-0 record, while Reston Elite 98, at 7-2-0, finished second. The top spot in U-14 Division 5 went to ABGC Annandale X-treme 98 Red (7-2-0, 21 pts.), with SAC United Gold (6-1-2, 20 pts.) clinching second and SYC Freedom (5-0-4, 19 pts.) taking third.

CSA Storm finished atop the standings in the U-14 Pre-Divisional Program at 9-0-0 and 27 pts., two points ahead of CPSA Comets U-14 Girls at 8-0-1.

In U-15 Division 1, Herndon Freedom (9-0-1, 28 pts.) clinched the division title, with FSC Xtreme 12 points behind in second at 5-4-1.

SAC United I Chaos has clinched the U-15 Division 2 title with a 5-1-4 record and will finish three points ahead of second place Herndon Wanders (4-2-4).

VSA Heat Blue 97G (7-1-1, 22 pts.) won the U-15 Division 3 title, finishing one point ahead of Sterling FC Orange 97 Strikers (7-2-0, 21 pts.). In U-15 Division 4, three teams are bunched within a point of one another heading into the final weekend of the season. NVSC Jr. Majestics 97 won twice on the final weekend (7-0-3, 24 pts.) to clinch the division title, defeating VISTA X-Treme 97 3-0 and SYC Pride Fire 1-0. FCSC Fever (6-2-2) and Olney Mystics 98 (5-0-5) finished tied for second on points with 20.

In U-15 Division 5 Green, the top four teams were separated by three points with BAC Fire & Ice (5-1-2, 17 pts.) winning the title. CSA Intensity (5-2-1, 16 pts.) overtook MRM Swoosh 97 (4-1-3, 15 pts.) for second, with CYA Panic (4-2-2, 14 pts.) with a tie and a loss finished third. In U-15 Division 5 White, Waldorf SC 97 Orange (7-0-1, 22 pts.) won the division title. Stafford Revolution 97G Blue (6-1-1, 19 pts.) came in second.

Four U-16 Division 4 teams had a mathematical chance of finishing no worse than a first-place tie on points going into the final weekend, but CSA Spirit (5-0-5, 20 pts.) pulled out a 1-0 win over ASC Radical (4-3-3, 15 pts.) to win the championship. Stafford Revolution 96G White (5-2-3, 18 pts.) finished second, while SYA Cardinals (5-3-2, 17 pts.), ASA Magic Select (5-3-2, 17 pts.) and VSA Heat Gold (4-1-5, 17 pts.) finished in a three-way tie for third.

Culpeper Comets U-16 (9-0-0, 27 pts.) clinched the U-16 Division 5R championship with a perfect record, 10 pts. ahead of second place NVSC Jr. Majestics 96 Blue (5-2-2, 17 pts.). Culpeper Comets closed out the season strong with a 4-1 win over Loudoun 96G Black.

Herndon Comets White took the U-17 Division 2 title, finishing its season with a 6-0-2 record, while McLean MPS 96 Force Green (5-2-1, 16 pts.) finishing in second.

In U-17 Division 3 DAA Lady Gators (6-1-0, 18 pts.) has the current lead with one game remaining.

In Division 4, NVSC Jr. Majestics 95 Blue (7-0-1, 22 pts.) won the division, with Alexandria Freedom (6-2-0, 18 pts.) finishing in second. In U-17 Division 5, Reston Shock (7-0-1, 22 pts.) won the division title, with VIST LFC Avalanche and Chantilly Fuego, both at 5-2-1, tying for second in points with 16.

ODFC Clash (8-0-0, 24 pts.)  clinched the U-18 Division 4 title over the weekend, defeating VIST BC United (5-2-0, 15 pts.) 4-1.  Second place wasn’t quite settled, with FCSC Fireballs, at 6-1-0, having the inside track, three points of VISt BC United (5-2-0, 15 pts.).

In U-18 Division 5, Alexandria Titans (6-2-0, 18 pts.) defeated Winchester United 94G (4-3-1, 13 pts.) on the final weekend to win the division championship. FPYC Blue Angels (5-2-1, 16 pts.) finished second.

In High School Division 1, Lee-Mount Vernon SC Patriots (5-2-1, 16 pts.) clinched the division title, as did McLean Power Green (6-0-2, 20 pts.) in High School Division 2.

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