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Youth Girls Oct 14, 2013

WAGS Tournament: Day 3 Results

Congrats to every team that departs WAGS with a trophy or a great showing, and us at hope every player, team and parent had a safe, eventful time in Northern Virginia.

The weather wasn’t always perfect, but the fantastic play on the pitch made up for it.

With the scores of college scouts in attendance, everyone won this weekend, regardless of the results on the field. WAGS continues to be an elite tournament in North America, and 2013 was no different with teams from all over, including Canada, making their way to the Washington D.C. area.

Hopefully you all found some time for sightseeing as well. Please be certain to check back on for more content from the final day of competition.

Below you can find the final results from Monday. Safe travels to all the teams and their fans, and we hope the D.C. area treated you well. Until next time.



Showcase I

Toms River FC Elite United 96/97 (N.J.) 7

Sanjaxx Lions (Cnd.) 0

FASA Elite Impact (Va.) 1

McLean MPS 96 Force Green (Va.) 0

FC Europa Storm 96/97 (Pa. East) 1

Real Shore Lakewood FC Black Magic (N.J.) 0

New York Rush Patriots 97 (N.Y. East) 4
FC Virginia 96 (Va.) 1

Yardley Makefield Soccer Premier Wildcats (Pa. East) 1
South Jersey United FC 96/97 (N.J) 1

Potomac Hotspur (Md.) 2
VSA Heat Blue (Va.) 1

PWSI Courage ’96 Red (Va.) 1
United German Hungarians Fevernova (Pa. East) 0

PSC Baltimore (Md.) 1
Manhattan SC Hotspur (N.Y. East) 0

Showcase II

Massapequa SC Explosion (N.Y. East) 1
Maryland Rush Montgomery Hornets (Md.) 1

Central Delaware SA Riptide (De.) 5
Weston FC 96 Premier White (Fl.) 0

Lehigh Valley United 96 (Pa. East) 4
Loudoun Soccer Loud 96g Red (Va.) 0

Sound Beach SC Stingrays (N.Y. East) 3
Princeton SA Premier 96/97 Orange (N.J.) 0

Maryland Rush Nike ’96 Magic (Md.) 5
Syosset SC Arsenal (N.Y. East) 0

Delaware Rush 96 (De.) 6
Richmond Kickers YSC Elite (Va.) 2

Beach FC 96G Red (Va.) 1
Pinecrest Premier 96/97 (Fl.) 0

Pa. Rush 96 F (Pa. East) 2
Quickstrike FC Xtreme 97 (N.Y. East) 0

Showcase III 

Jersey Premier Soccer  ’97 (N.J.) 0
Gwinnett SA 97G Phoenix White (Ga.) 0
Weston FC 96 (Fl.) 4
ASA Magic Elite (Md.) 0
South Jersey Elite Barons ’96 (N.J.) 4
Florida Force 96/97 (Fl.) 2
OCSA U17 (N.C.) 5
Auburndale SC (N.Y. East) 0
FC America Girls Premier (Fl.) 0
CRSC 96 Select Girls (N.C.) 0
Lindenhurst SC (N.Y. East) 5
Windy City Pride 44 (Ill.) 0
FASA Premiere Impact 96 (Va.) 2
Omega Select Black (Ks.) 0
Vincent United F.C. Pride (Pa. East) 2
JYSC Fury Girls Green 96/97 (Fl.) 0


Showcase I

PWSI Courage Red 97 (Va.) 1

Super Nova FC 98G (Pa. East) 0

NY Rush Patriots (N.Y.) 2
Concorde Fire Elite (Ga.) 1

Princeton SA Premier (N.J.) 1
Braden River SC 97 (Fl.) 1

Penn Legacy FC (Pa. East) 0
Massepequa SC (N.Y. East) 0

FC Virginia (Va.) 2
Tampa Bay United Premier 97 (Fl.) 1

MRM Rush Coyotes (Md.) 2
Haverford Premier ’97 (Pa. East) 0

Council Rock United FC (Pa. East) 2
Richmond Kickers YSC Elite (Va.) 1

Showcase II

NC Fusion 97 (N.C.) 1
New Hyde Park Wildcats (N.Y. East) 1

Vincent United F.C. Eclipse (Pa. East) 0
Weston FC 97 Girls Premier Black (Fl.) 0

Delaware Rush Nike ’97 (De.) 1
Toms River FC Force (N.J.) 1

FC Dallas 98G Premirt (Tx. North) 1
Houston Dynamo Tampa (Fl.) 0

FC America Girls (Fl.) 4
Cherry Hills FC Phantoms (N.J.) 0

Bethesda Eclipse (Md.) 1
Windy City Pride (Ill.) 0

Montgomery United SC Black Magic (Pa. East) 1
Sunrise Sting 97/97 (Fl.) 0

Arlington Rowdies Red (Va.) 2
Quickstrike FC 98’s (N.Y. East) 0

Showcase III

Loudoun Soccer 97G Red (Va. )0
Pitt Greenville SA 97 G (N.C.) 0

FC Europa 97/98 (Pa. East) 0
Manhattan River Plate (N.Y. East) 0

Kendall SC 97/98 0
Mustangs F.C. (Tx. North) 0

Beach FC 97 Red (Va.) 2
Copa Academy Sevilla (N.J.) 0

Florida Fire Juniors 97-98 Premier (Fl.) 4
Jacksonville Area 97 (N.C.) 0

PHWMFC Wildcats (Md.) 1
Richmond Strikers SC (Va.) 0

Mississauga SC Panthers ’98 (Cnd.) 5
JYSC Fury Girls Elite (Fla.) 0

Springfield YC Pride United (Va.) 2
Davidsonville AA Warriors (Md.) 0

Cape Fear SA 97 (N.C.) 1
JYSC Fury Girls Elite (Fl.) 0

West Pines United FC (Fl.) 2
FC Dallas Youth 98 G White (Tx. North) 1

Atlatnic United Academy – Aftershock (N.J.) 1
LMBSC Patriots Red (Va.) 0


Cup Flight Final

PWSI Courage 98 Red (Va.) 2
Premier Real (Md.) 1

A Flight Final

VYS Thunder Black (Va.) 1
Tampa Bay United (Fl.) 0

B Flight Final

Fort Lauderdale Select 1
Pennsylvania Rush 0


Cup Flight Final

North Rockland Sting Rowdies (N.Y. East) 2
United FA Elite (Ga.) 0

A Flight Final
Smithtown Kickers SC Hotspur (N.Y. East) 1
Sunrise Sting 99/00 Black (Fl.) 0

B Flight Final
Beadling Bombers 99/00 (Pa. West) 2
A of Columbia SAC United Premier 0

C Flight  Final
String Central 00 G (Tx. North) 5
Virginia Legacy SC (Va.) 0

Cup Flight Final
Tophat SC TH 19 Gold (Ga.) 1
Premier Strikers (Md.) 0

A Flight Final 
North United Elite (Pa. West) 2
Sunrise Sting 00/11 (Fla.) 0

B Flight Final
FC America Girls 00/01 Premier (Fl.) 3
PWSI Courage ’00 Red (Va.) 0

C Flight Final
Richmond Kickers YSC Elite (Va.) 1
Thunder Blitz Ajax (Md.) 0

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