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Tournaments Sep 04, 2012

Virginia Cup results

By Jimmy LaRoue

The Virginia Cup, which featured 242 boys’ and girls’ teams playing in a tournament that is a blend of FC Richmond’s Richmond Cup and the Virginia Legacy’s Williamsburg Cup, wrapped up over the Labor Day weekend, with 37 champions crowned.

See below for a list of champions:

Boys U-18 High School Premier: FC Richmond Magic 94 over FASA U17 Elite 6-0

Boys U-18 High School Superior: Powhatan SA Fury over FASA U17 Premier White 2-1

Boys U-18 High School Classic: Richmond Strikers Spain (Va.) over Virginia Rush Swoosh U18B 4-0

Girls U-18 High School Premier: VSA Heat Blue U16 over FASA Elite Impact U16 2-0

Girls U-18 High School Superior: New River United Rapids over Smithfield Inferno 1-0

Girls U-18 High School Classic: SOL Futbol U-17 over FASA Fury Premier U17 2-1

Boys U-10 Premier: Richmond Strikers Van Persie over North Plainfield S.C. Red (Md.) 2-1

Boys U-10 Classic: Richmond Strikers Wilsher over Richmond Strikers Team Walcott 2-1

Boys U-11 Premier: Virginia Legacy U11 East over FC Richmond Magic 01 6-1

Boys U-11 Superior: New River United U11 Skyline over Virginia Legacy U11 Wizards 3-1

Boys U-11 Classic: Richmond Strikers United Donovan over Richmond Strikers United Dempsey 5-3

Boys U-12 Premier: FASA Elite Hotspurs over FC Richmond Magic 00 3-0

Boys U-12 Superior: St. Mary’s United Dynamo (Md.) over Richmond Strikers Premier 5-1

Boys U-12 Classic: WBSC Braves (Va.) over FC Richmond Metro 00 Boys Sky 1-0

Boys U-13 Premier: Virginia Rush Nike over FC Richmond Magic 99 1-0

Boys U-13 Superior: New River United 99B Rapids Blue 4-0 over Lindenhurst Force (NYE) 4-0

Boys U-13 Classic: Calvert Red Bulls (Md.), 1st place (4-0-0)

Boys U-14/15 Premier: Richmond Kickers U15B Elite over Smithfield SC Nitro 4-2

Boys U-14/15 Superior: Stafford Revolution 97 Blue over Chesapeake United SC Rage 5-0

Boys U-15 Classic: SOL Futbol Select (Va.), 1st place (3-0-1)

Boys U-14 Classic: FC Richmond Metro 98 over Richmond Strikers United 2-1

Boys U-16 Premier: FC Richmond Magic 97 over Roanoke Star Elite 2-1

Boys U-16 Superior: Calverton SC Barza Unidos (Md.) over Beach FC 96B Black 2-1

Boys U-16 Classic: FC Richmond Metro 96 Boys over Virginia Legacy U16 Titans 8-0

Girls U-10 Premier: Beach FC Flash 1st place (3-1-0, 29 pts.), Beach FC 02G Red Independence (3-1-0, 28 pts.)

Girls U-10 Classic: Virginia Rush Academy Black over Stafford Revolution 02G Blue 2-0

Girls U-11 Premier: Richmond Strikers Premier 1st place (4-0-0)

Girls U-11 Classic: AYSO Arsenal Navy (Va.) over Beach FC 01G White 3-0

Girls U-12 Premier: Chesterfield United FC 00G ASL Jr. Academy over FC Richmond Mystix 00 2-0

Girls U-12 Classic: New River United U12 Girls over Richmond Kickers Gold Pride 1-0

Girls U-13 Premier: FASA Elite Impact 99 over Virginia Rush U13G Nike 1-0

Girls U-14 Premier: FASA Elite Impact 98 over Triangle FC 98 Navy Girls 2-1

Girls U-14 Superior: Triangle FC 98 White over Richmond Strikers Premier 4-0

Girls U-13/14 Classic: FC Richmond Metro 98 Girls 1st place (3-0-1, 32 pts.)

Girls U-15 Premier: Virginia Rush Swoosh over Richmond U-15G Central 3-0

Girls U-15 Classic: Chesterfield United FC 97 over Stafford Revolution 97G White 1-0

Girls U-16 Premier: Virginia Legacy Phoenix 1st place (3-1-0)

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