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Boys Jan 31, 2017

US Youth Soccer Region I ODP International Trip Roster (2003 Boys)

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US Youth Soccer Region I Boys ODP 2017 International Trip Rosters
1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 

Rosters have been announced for the US Youth Soccer Region I Boys ODP international trips, which are coming up in April 2017.

Region I ODP teams in the 1999 and 2002 age groups will travel to Spain, while the 2000 age group will head to Scotland, the 2001 team will go to Italy and the 2003 team will travel to England.

2003 Boys ODP International Trip to England
April 8-17, 2017

  • Alejandro Baltazar (ENY)
  • Malcolm Brickhouse (VA)
  • Aidan Buchanan (CT)
  • Brandon Curran (EPYSA)
  • Cavan Fernandez (MD)
  • Alejandro Flores (VA)
  • Brian Frenz (MD)
  • Teddy Hutman (VA)
  • Andrew Kemper (WV)
  • Dale Lepper (ENY)
  • Zachary Lorenz (PAW)
  • Oliver Martin (VT)
  • Nial O’Brien (CT)
  • Elijah Ochoa (Euro)
  • Bryceland Peacock (VA)
  • Peter Scharstein (VT)
  • Jonah Stoutenborough (MD)
  • Sean Vaghedi (VA)

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