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Girls Jul 30, 2015

US Youth Soccer National Championships: Girls awards, Best 11s

US Youth Soccer has released the winners of the Golden Ball and Golden Glove award winners from the US Youth Soccer National Championships, along with the Best 11’s for every age group.

See below for a full list of winners on the girls side.

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2015 Golden Ball Award
Under-13 Girls – Justina Gaynor, PSG Gators 02 Orange (MI)
Under-14 Girls – Jaida Thomas, Dallas Kicks SC 01 (TX-N)
Under-15 Girls – Olivia Wade, La Roca Premier PO (UT)
Under-16 Girls – Murphy Agnew, YMS Premier Xplosion 98 (PA-E)
Under-17 Girls – Rocio Rodriguez, Beach FC Academy 97 (CA-S)
Under-18 Girls – Brooke Prondzinski, KC Metro Dynamos (KS)
Under-19 Girls –  Michelle Xiao, Gretna Prima 95/96 Green (NE)

2015 Golden Glove Award
Under-13 Girls – Emma Boutorwick, PSG Gators 02 Orange (MI)
Under-14 Girls – Maddie Soto, Legends FC Gold (CA-S)
Under-15 Girls – Makena Smith, Legends FC 99 (CA-S)
Under-16 Girls – Amanda McGlynn, JFC Storm 98/99 (FL)
Under-17 Girls – Kaylan Marckese, Tampa Bay United 97 Premier (FL)
Under-18 Girls – Emily Cuthbert, Carlsbad Elite (CA-S)
Under-19 Girls – Sasha Hott, FC Nova Nationals (ID)

Best 11 Teams
* Represents Golden Ball winner
** Represents Golden Glove winner

Under-13 Girls
Justina Gaynor* PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) Midfield
Isabella DAquila So Cal Blues Baker (CA-S) Forward
Sara Hohn FC Frederick 01 (MD) Other
Alayna Burgamy FC Frederick 01 (MD) Other
Caitlin O’Malley PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) Midfield
Terin Graham Albion Hurricanes 02 (TX-S) Forward
Trinity Rodman So Cal Blues Baker (CA-S) Midfield
Ashton Kettler Albion Hurricanes 02 (TX-S) Forward
Barbara Olivieri Albion Hurricanes 02 (TX-S) Forward
Emily Mathews PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) Midfield
Emma Boutorwick** PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) Keeper

Under-14 Girls
Jaida Thomas* Dallas Kicks SC 01 (TX-N) Forward
Hannah White Tophat 19 Gold (GA) Forward
Abby Isger FC Pride 01 Elite (IN) Forward
Brooke Cavino South Shore Select Elite (MA) Forward
Alexa Holl FC Pride 01 Elite (IN) Midfield
Jordyn Rhodes CUP Gold 00/01 (OH-S) Other
Samantha Meza Dallas Kicks SC 01 (TX-N) Midfield
Talani Barnett HBC Impact 00 (NY-E) Midfield
Laney Carroll Legends FC Gold (CA-S) Forward
Michelle Slater Dallas Kicks SC 01 (TX-N) Forward
Maddie Soto** Legends FC Gold (CA-S) Keeper

Under-15 Girls
Olivia Wade* La Roca Premier PO (UT) Forward
Rachel Jones Tophat 18 Gold (GA) Forward
Denae Antoine Legends FC 99 (CA-S) Forward
Kassidy Newsom Futura Pink Panthers Elite (MO) Forward
Malia Kaleiohi Albion SC White (CA-S) Midfield
Messiah Bright Solar Chelsea Elite 00 (TX-N) Forward
Audrey Basa Albion SC White (CA-S) Defender
Anna Escobedo La Roca Premier PO (UT) Forward
Kaylee Ramirez Legends FC 99 (CA-S) Forward
Bryanna Duckett Legends FC 99 (CA-S) Midfield
Vivian Poli** Legends FC 99 (CA-S) Keeper

Under-16 Girls
Murphy Agnew* YMS Premier Xplosion 98 (PA-E) Forward
Makena Silber Beadling Bulldogs (PA-W) Forward
Sophie Gorman Kings Hammer Academy Red (OH-S) Midfield
Kayla Deaver Futura Academy Forte Elite (MO) Forward
Molly Martin 99 Lady Lobos Rush Premier (TN) Forward
Maddie Elwell YMS Premier Xplosion 98 (PA-E) Forward
Paola Ellis 99 Lady Lobos Rush Premier (TN) Forward
Mikayla Colohan La Roca FD (UT) Forward
Grace Nguyen Tophat 17 Gold (GA) Midfield
Leila Azari JFC Storm 98/99 (FL) Defender
Amanda McGlynn** JFC Storm 98/99 (FL) Keeper

Under-17 Girls
Rocio Rodriguez* Beach FC Academy 97 (CA-S) Forward
Jamiera Lunsford KHA Red (OH-S) Midfield
Madison Pogarch Michigan Jaguars 98 Green (MI) Midfield
Kelsey Aaknes Carlsbad Elite 97/98 (CA-S) Midfield
Grace Jackson Tophat 16 Gold (GA) Midfield
Kaylann Boyd Tophat 16 Gold (GA) Forward
Logue Shamburger Tophat 16 Gold (GA) Forward
Daria Petredes Beach FC Academy 97 (CA-S) Forward
Julia Lester Tampa Bay United 97 Premier (FL) Forward
Tavia Leachman Beach FC Academy 97 (CA-S) Midfield
Kaylan Marckese** Tampa Bay United 97 Premier (FL) Keeper

Under-18 Girls
Brooke Prondzinski* KC Metro Dynamos (KS) Forward
Eden Jacobsen La Roca PO (UT) Midfield
Kathleen Pingel Beach FC Academy (CA-S) Forward
Jamie Kutey KC Metro Dynamos (KS) Forward
Haley Walker Robinson Carlsbad Elite (CA-S) Defender
Alexandra Thomas 97 Louisiana Fire Navy (LA) Forward
Samantha Staab DMCV Sharks Elite (CA-S) Defender
Averie Collins La Roca PO (UT) Forward
Hailey Harbison DMCV Sharks Elite (CA-S) Midfield
Sydney Yates Carlsbad Elite (CA-S) Forward
Emily Cuthbert** Carlsbad Elite (CA-S) Keeper

Under-19 Girls
Michelle Xiao* Gretna Prima 95/96 Green (NE) Forward
Kaylee Rabatin Beadling SC Thunder (PA-W) Midfield
Grace Hancock FC Nova Nationals (ID) Defender
Hallie Widner FC Nova Nationals (ID) Forward
Brittany Raymond Tampa Bay United Premier (FL) Forward
Mary Kate Zahorchak Beadling SC Thunder (PA-W) Midfield
Katie Alexander Beadling SC Thunder (PA-W) Midfield
Ashley Mutkus Beadling SC Thunder (PA-W) Forward
Danielle Gottwik Tampa Bay United Premier (FL) Midfield
Maureen Bigsby Gretna Prima 95/96 Green (NE) Midfield
Sasha Holt** FC Nova Nationals (ID) Keeper

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