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Global Aug 17, 2017

U.S. U-15 Boys National Team reaches CONCACAF Championship semifinals

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(Via U.S. Soccer) – The U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team has finished first in Group B at the CONCACAF U-15 Boys’ Championship in Bradenton, Florida. Check out more on the team’s undefeated three-match run to the knockout round:


The U.S. U-15 BNT used a brace from Gianluca Busio to top Canada in its first match of the 2017 CONCACAF U-15 Boys’ Championship.
Busio scored in back-to-back minutes to give the U.S. the victory over the Canucks, scoring in the 34th and 35th minute. The Sporting KC forward also notched three goals for the U-15’s earlier this year at the Torneo delle Nazioni in Italy.

2017 marks the second-ever CONCACAF U-15 Championship and the first time that the U.S. has participated. If the USA finishes first or second in Group B, the team will advance to the tournament semifinals next week.

– U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team Match Report –

Match: U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team vs. Canada
Date: August 13, 2017
Competition: 2017 CONCACAF Under-15 Championship
Venue:  IMG Academy
Kickoff: 11:00 am Local Time
Weather: 85 degrees

Scoring Summary:

  1 2 F
Canada 0 0 0
USA 2 0 2

USA – Gianluca Busio                         34th minute
USA – Gianluca Busio                         35

USA: 1-Damian Las (GK); 18-Joseph Scally (14-Sebastian Anderson, 67), 5-Mason Judge, 4-Axel Alejandre, 3-George Bello (9-Alfonso Ocampo Chavez, 62); 2-Peter Stroud, 10-Josh Atencio (13-Kenny Nielsen, 62), 17-Gilbert Fuentes (15-Cesar Garica, 55); 8-Giovanni Reyna (capt), (7-Daniel Mangarov, 55), 11-Gianluca Busio, 16-Julian Gaines (6-Adam Saldana, 62)
Subs not used: 12-JT Harms
Head Coach: Dave van den Bergh

CAN: 1-Ivan Phelps; 12-Trivine Esprit, 4-Maxime Bourgeois, 15-Cameron Da Silva, 3-Deandre Kerr (2-Bradnon Phelps, 36); 8-Ralph Priso-Mbongue (17-Thomas Riviero, 51), 10-Sean Rea (9-Rafael Pinzon, 36), 14-Julian Accettola, 11-Jayden Nelson, 7-Jeremie Omeonga (13-Nicolas Desjardins, 58), 16-Malik Henry
Subs not used: 5-Nathan Demian, 6-Matthew Radivojsa, 18-Marc Kouadio
Head Coach: Paul Stalteri

Stats SummaryUSA / Canada
Shots: 17/4
Shots on Goal: 10/1
Saves: 1/8
Corner Kicks: 5/0
Fouls: 4/6
Offsides: 1/0

Misconduct Summary:
USA – Axel Alejandre (caution) – 47th minute
Canada – Trivine Esprit (caution) – 70

Notes: Game was played with two 35 minute halves.


The U.S. U-15 BNT turned in a dominating performance to defeat Trinidad & Tobago 6-0 in its second group game of the 2017 CONCACAF U-15 Boys’ Championship. Gianluca Busio turned in his second brace, Alfonso Ocampo Chavez added two goals, and Giovanni Reyna and Cesar Garcia also netted for the USA.

The U.S. opened up the scoring in a fast and furious manner, as Reyna scored in the third minute and Ocampo Chavez earned his brace with goals in the fourth and eighth minute marks, giving the U.S. a 3-0 lead before the ten-minute mark. Busio added a goal before halftime to put the BNT up 4-0. A score from Garcia and another from Busio in the final minute, his fourth of the tournament, closed out the scoring for the U.S.

With the victory, the U.S. is firmly in place for a top-2 finish in the group, which would secure a berth in the semifinals on Thursday.

– U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team Match Report –

Match: U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team vs. Trinidad & Tobago
Date: August 14, 2017
Competition: 2017 CONCACAF Under-15 Championship
Venue:  IMG Academy
Kickoff: 9:00 am Local Time
Weather: 85 degrees

Scoring Summary:    

  1 2 F
Trinidad & Tobago 0 0 0
USA 3 3 6

USA – Giovanni Reyna                        3rd minute
USA – Alfonso Ocampo Chavez          4
USA – Alfonso Ocampo Chavez          8
USA – Gianluca Busio                         39
USA – Cesar Garcia                             69
USA – Gianluca Busio                         70

USA: 1-Damian Las (GK) (12-JT Harms, 36); 14-Sebastian Anderson, 5-Mason Judge (4-Axel Alejandre, 36), 13-Kenny Nielsen, 3-George Bello (18-Joseph Scally, 42); 6-Adam Saldana (10-Josh Atencio, 60), 15-Cesar Garcia, 17-Gilbert Fuentes (16-Julian Gaines, 36); 8-Giovanni Reyna (capt) (11-Gianluca Busio, 36), 9-Alfonso Ocampo Chavez, 7-Daniel Mangarov (2-Peter Stroud, 55)
Subs not used: None
Head Coach: Dave van den Bergh

Trinidad & Tobago: 1-Jahiem Wickham; 9-Ezekiel Kesar (15-Adriel George, 42), 4-Antonio Chee Ting (5-Cephas ST Rose, 36, 3-Darian Bradshaw, 16-Marc Wharfe; 6-Jabari Lee (2-Randy Antoine, 50), 13-Zachary Welch, 11-Jayie Sheppard, 8-Josiah Allen; 10-Josiah Edwards (7-Jean-Heim MC Fee, 12), 17-Justin Araujo-Wilson
Subs not used: 12-Rhowen-Ewart-Williams, 14-Amaal Julien, 18-Kernel LA Fon
Head Coach: Russell Latapy

Stats Summary: USA/Trinidad & Tobago
Shots: 15/1
Shots on Goal: 9/1
Saves: 1/3
Corner Kicks: 2/0
Fouls: 3/9
Offsides: 6/1

Misconduct Summary:
Trinidad & Tobago – Cephas ST Rose (caution) – 38th minute

Notes: Game was played with two 35 minute halves.


The U.S. U-15 BNT secured first place in Group B of the 2017 CONCACAF U-15 Boys’ Championship with a 4-1 victory over Costa Rica. The USA suffered its first deficit of the tournament, but roared back with four straight goals to finish atop the group.

Costa Rica opened up the scoring as Geancarlo Castro netted in the eighth minute. Playing behind for the first time in the competition, the U.S. responded as Joseph Scally scored in the 20th minute to tie it up.

After the half, Julian Gaines netted the eventual game-winner in the 44th minute and Mason Judge added an insurance goal in the 51st. A Costa Rica own goal provided the fourth U.S. goal and a strong, +11, goal differential through the tournamant’s group stage.

After finishing the group stage with an undefeated record, the U.S. advances to Thursday’s semifinal, where the team will face Group A runner-up Panama at 11 a.m. on Univision Deportes.

– U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team Match Report –

Match: U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team vs. Costa Rica
Date: August 16, 2017
Competition: 2017 CONCACAF Under-15 Championship
Venue:  IMG Academy
Kickoff: 11:00 am Local Time
Weather: 85 degrees

Scoring Summary:  

  1 2 F
Costa Rica 1 0 1
USA 1 3 4

Costa Rica – Geancarlo Castro           8th minute
USA – Joseph Scally                            20
USA – Julian Gaines                              44
USA – Mason Judge                               51
USA – Own Goal                                   62

USA: 1-Damian Las (GK); 18-Joseph Scally (14-Sebastian Anderson, 55), 5-Mason Judge, 4-Axel Alejandre, 3-George Bello (13-Kenny Nielsen, 55); 10-Josh Atencio (2-Peter Stroud, 45), 15-Cesar Garcia (6-Adam Saldana, 45), 17-Gilbert Fuentes; 8-Giovanni Reyna (capt) (7-Daniel Mangarov, 55), 9-Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez (16-Julian Gaines, 36), 11-Gianluca Busio,
Subs not used: 12-JT Harms
Head Coach: Dave van den Bergh

Costa Rica: 1-George Barrett; 2-Sergio Cespedes, 5-Fabian Alvarez, 4-Jose Tello (6-Mattew Bolanos, 47), 3-Emanuel Coronado (13-Carlos Navarro, 52); 12-Roan Wilson (9-Isaac Montero, 36), 11-Jordy Hernandez, 15-Kane Ujueta, 7-Geancarlo Castro (17-Bryan Morales, 52); 16-Dereck Valentine (10-Manfred Ugalde, 45), 14-Maikel Gonzalez (8-Tommy Munoz, 52)
Subs not used: 18-Kendall Chaves
Head Coach: Cristian Salomon

Stats Summary: USA/Costa Rica
Shots: 8/6
Shots on Goal: 6/3
Saves: 2/3
Corner Kicks: 6/3
Fouls: 8/6
Offsides: 6/1

Misconduct Summary:
Costa Rica – Fabian Alvarez (caution) – 26th minute
Costa Rica – George Barrett (caution) – 61
USA – Adam Saldana (caution) – 63
USA – Julian Gaines (caution) – 70
Costa Rica – Manfred Ugalde (red card) – 70

Notes: Game was played with two 35 minute halves.

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