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Youth Boys Jun 30, 2017

Two teams of Potomac area players to embark on Italy tour

Chantilly, VA (Via HP Elite & Beyond) – HP Elite & Beyond has announced two select teams traveling to Italy for a soccer and cultural experience from July 5-17, 2017.

HP Elite & Beyond is set to take two select teams to Italy in July 2017. This special trip is a fully funded experience for the players, sponsored by Loudoun Sports Center, ECCO Advisors, and NGS Infonet Inc. The trip will be a unique experience where the players get to immerse themselves in the beautiful country of Italy while simultaneously competing against international competition throughout the 12 day tour.

The teams will be playing all throughout Italy starting in Rome where they will play in a series of friendlies against local teams and train with a professional club. Next they will travel to Florence and Tuscany to participate in another round of friendlies. The tour will be capped off with the two select teams competing in the San Marino Cup, hosted in the coastal region of San Marino.

Between games and training sessions the players will get a chance to take in the sights of Italy. This once in a life time trip allows players to be fully immersed in another country and culture through the sport of soccer. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing group of sponsors. Here is what they had to say about helping to fund this unique trip:

Erik Celentano, CEO of ECCO Advisors states, “ECCO Advisors is so proud to be supporting youth soccer in the environment of learning and caring that is provided by the team at HP Elite & Beyond. They have established a culture that fosters competitiveness in an environment that focuses on the greater good of the team and optimal performance of the individual, all focused on learning. This is unique. Growing up, sports provided me an opportunity to grow as a person and express myself in a positive way. I am so honored to be able to contribute to the growth of these young people through their participation in this opportunity that fosters appreciation for other cultures through the love of sport.  I am confident that opportunities like this allow us all to recognize that we are more the same than we are different.”

“We are excited to be able to help provide this opportunity for all of the players involved as we truly believe that our kids have grown and developed in the HP Elite & Beyond training program in which every single player is pushed to play to to their highest potential.” Says Liam Daly, Owner of the Loudoun Sports Center.

“We just want to continue to build on the amazing experience all of the players had last year in Spain. It is truly amazing how the love of soccer, can open the doors for so many different opportunities for these young athletes to explore life! NGS Infonet Inc. is proud to be able to help provide such an experience for the players.” Says Antony Linus, President of NGS Infonet Inc.

Rosters for Italy 2017:

HP Elite & Beyond – Girls Select
Adams, Susanna (Total Futbol)
Alewine, Jessica (McLean)
Bach, Annalise (LMVSC)
Daly, Taylor (McLean)
Gallant, Chandler (SYA)
Gose, Rae (McLean)
Mansoor, Abby (FC Virginia)
McIntire, Carrie (FC Virginia)
Meeks, Lauren (McLean/FC Virginia)
Otto, Nina (Bethesda)
Rauch, Ashley (FC Virginia)
Sabloff, Livie (FC Virginia)
Shahin, Danielle (LMVSC)
Stupec, Nadia (FC Virginia)
Tian, Mia (McLean)
Veazey, Joy (FC Virginia)

HP Elite & Beyond – Boys Select
Balkey, Alex (Loudoun)
Celentano, Wesley (Loudoun)
Daly, Ryan (Bethesda South)
Hilton, Andrew (Loudoun)
Maldonado, Alessandro (VDA/DC United)
Mayers, Avery (VDA)
Mercer, Miles (Loudoun)
Tran, Thomas (Bethesda South)
Viscuso, Matthew (VDA)
Xavier, David (VDA)

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