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NCAA Nov 08, 2018

Three Met Oval players announce Division I college commitments

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(Via Met Oval) – Met Oval has announced that three players: Cyrus Margono, Mathis Varin, and Marti Farre, have made their respective college commitments and will all be playing NCAA Division I soccer next season.

All three players are currently on the club’s 2001 NPL team coached by Juan Martin De Bernardo, and are high school seniors.

Margono will be attending the University of Denver, Varin will be attending the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and Farre will be attending St. Bonaventure University.

The players were kind enough to sit down and answer some questions regarding their recent decisions:

Cyrus Margono

Why did you pick the University of Denver?

I chose to play soccer at the University of Denver because they have consistently been a top 10 program, with world class facilities and a coaching staff who made me feel like family. I truly believe they have the culture and program to help me achieve my goal of having a professional career playing at the highest level of soccer. Also, their academic programs are fantastic and offer what I want to study.

What is your primary position?


How long have you been at Met Oval?

I have been at Met Oval since the summer leading up into my freshman year of high school.

Is there anybody (coaches?) that you would like to thank?

Without many of the coaches at Met Oval I couldn’t have dreamed of being where I am today. Coach Filippo, Mark, Steven, and Fulvio all developed me into the player and person that I am today. More recently, without the help of coach Steve I wouldn’t have been able to get into any high-level program like Denver. Also, Jeff Saunders and Chris Welch have been very influential in my time at the Oval as they worked with me on all aspects of my life.

How has Met Oval helped your development?

When I was 12, I first tried out for Met Ovals u14 DA because I was leaving my old club (NYSC). Met Oval believed in me and gave me the tools to succeed. Without the help of the coaching staff I wouldn’t be where I am today. They have developed and given me fantastic opportunities as a person and soccer player.

Mathis Varin

Why did you pick UPenn?

I chose to attend the University of Penn for two major reasons:

The first reason is UPenn’s newly hired coaching staff. Head Coach Gill (previously Georgetown), Coach Delano (perviously Harvard), and Coach Lowry (Lipscomb) all have had successful and extensive backgrounds both as players and as coaches in college soccer. That being said, I’m confident that they will both be able to help me develop my game and push the program into a place where it will be able to challenge even the most established soccer programs.

The second reason for my commitment to UPenn is the level of education that the school offers. As an Ivy League school, Penn is undoubtedly one of the best school’s in the country.

What is your primary position?

My primary position is the 8 (center-mid).

How long have you been at Met Oval?

I have been at Met Oval for 5 years.

Is there anybody (coaches?) that you would like to thank?

There are numerous Met Oval coaches, managers and other members at the club who have played a key role in my development – and I would like to thank them all for their training, guidance and assistance.

Jeff Saunders who brought me to the club as a U-13.

Chris Welch and David Curmi who managed our teams and always looked out for my best interest.

On the coaching staff: Coach Hugo (now NYCFC), Coach Buckle (ex-Academy Director), Coach Filippo (current Academy Director), Coach Mark, Coach Yannick, Coach Giuseppi, Coach Juan and so many others.

How has Met Oval helped your development?

Met Oval has without doubt played a critical role in my development as a player. The club has always prioritized my development as a player and a person — it is the club’s philosophy. Throughout my 5 years at the club, I have been given the freedom to play multiple positions which has exposed me to different aspects of the game and broadened my skill set. Due to the outstanding coaching that I have received, Met Oval has helped me improve tactically, technically, and physically. In summary, Met Oval has holistically made me a far more complete player.

Marti Farre

Why did you pick St. Bonaventure University?

For me, the most important thing when it came to picking a school wasn’t the reputation or whether they were ranked in the “Top-25”. It was picking a place where I feel comfortable, knew I would have a great 4 years and most importantly to pick a place where I was wanted. Reputation and rankings can always change, but feeling wanted and comfortable are hard to come by when picking a school, which is the biggest reason as to why I picked St. Bonaventure.

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