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Youth Boys May 18, 2016

Super Y League unveils new logo for 2016 season

Strikers Logo

TAMPA, Fla. (Via Super Y League) – The Super Y League has unveiled a new logo heading into the 2016 season this summer, showcasing a more modern look while still maintaining the historic elements and representation that serve as the league’s fundamental role in the youth soccer landscape.

“As the Super Y League is continuously progressing and evolving, we felt it was only right to alter our league mark to signify and correlate with the direction in which we feel the league is heading,” Director of Youth League Operations Dan Lohrs said. “Our goal here at the Super Y League is to push the pre-established boundaries and bring new life and excitement to youth soccer. The sleek, modernized logo is representative of those ideals and one of which we feel our membership will be proud to represent.”

Among the features of the new logo is the centerpiece “Y” symbol of the Super Y League, which points to three essential elements – the league as a whole, the players who serve as the foundation of the future and the SYL’s member clubs.

The SYL is maintaining its green and yellow signage to stay true to earlier versions of the logo and its history as the core values remain the same in terms of the SYL’s role in furthering the players’ development. The logo also incorporates a black shield – a symbolic element in which the “Y” symbol breaks through that boundary to showcase its commitment to evolving the youth soccer landscape.

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