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US Club Feb 18, 2021

Southern California Developmental Soccer League hires director for SCDSL – San Diego

The Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) has hired Bob Turner as the new Executive Director of the SCDSL – San Diego.

Turner brings nearly three decades of experience working in the Southern California youth soccer market, where he has consistently worked closely with member clubs in his decision making.

“I am excited about this new adventure and I would not be doing this if I did not whole-heartedly believe that this is what is best for the clubs in San Diego,” said Bob Turner. “Joining US Club Soccer and the SCDSL will benefit everyone that is a part of it and I truly believe that the San Diego market deserves the opportunities available through the new programming and that the clubs and players will thrive and prosper from this.”

Turner joins the SCDSL as it prepares to enter its first season under US Club Soccer sanctioning, as it aims to expand its programming across the Southern California market.

“I am beyond thrilled that Bob has joined us as Executive Director of the SCDSL – San Diego,” said Michelle Chesters, SCDSL Director of Operations. “Bob’s knowledge of the San Diego market and the established relationships he has with clubs in the community make him the perfect fit for our expanded programming there. I’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful working relationship with Bob over the years and I am looking forward to continuing to work together on the programming that we now offer as part of our sanctioning with US Club Soccer. This is a really exciting time to be a part of youth soccer in all of California!”

Under Turner’s leadership, the SCDSL – San Diego will participate in each of the opportunities the SCDSL afforded themselves through its sanctioning agreement with US Club Soccer including a SoCal State Cup, California State Championship, regionalized PDPs, expanded coaching education, college showcases, the Discovery NPL and a self-contained San Diego gaming schedule.

“We are very excited to welcome Bob Turner as the Executive Director of the SCDSL – San Diego,” said Kevin Payne, US Club Soccer CEO/Executive Director. “There has been so much division in the Southern California soccer landscape over the years, and our hope is that Bob, working together with the SCDSL, will signal a new day of players, parents, clubs and leagues working together to create the best possible environment for our game. Our shared concern is for players, not politics.”

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