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Tournaments Mar 27, 2012

PWSI Icebreaker tournament champions: the full list

By Jimmy LaRoue

Woodbridge, Va. – It was a day of dramatics as 56 more champions were crowned Sunday at the PWSI Icebreaker tournament, held at sites throughout Prince William County. In all, 69 teams earned top honors over the sprawling event’s two weekends of play. The Soccer Wire congratulates all of those who took part!

The following are the champions and finalists in the boys’ Under-9 through U-12 age groups:

U-9B Red: ASC Legends 02 Gold over VYS Spartan Red, 8-1
U-9B White: SYA Cardinals U9B over Loudoun 02 Black, 4-2
U-9B Black: ASC Legends 02 Black over Reston 2002 United Blue, 2-1
U-9B Gold: 1st–PWSI Courage 02 Black, 2nd–BRYC 02 Elite White
U-10B Red: 1st–PWSI Courage 01 Red, 2nd–CRUSA Strikers
U-10B White: Loudoun 01 Red Boys over PWSI Courage 01 White, 2-1
U-10B Black: Richmond Kickers South Valencia over VSA Heat 01 Boys Gold, 5-2
U-10B Gold: FASA U10 Premier over SYC United Silver, 2-1
U-11B Red: PWSI Courage 00 Red over VSA 00Blue, 4-2
U-11B White: Loudoun 00B Black over ASC Freestyle, 3-0
U-11B Black: Richmond Strikers Forlan over NVSC Jr Royals 00 Blue, 4-3
U-11B Gold: 1st–Cugini Calciomania 00, 2nd–TAFC 00 Spartans
U-12B Red: 1st–Loudoun 99 Red, 2nd–Richmond Strikers U-12 Elite
U-12B White: Sterling Orange 99 over PWSI Courage 99 White, 5-3
U-12B Black: LMVSC Patriots 99 Blue over PWSI Courage 99 Black, 4-1
U-12B Gold: 1st–Loudoun 99B Silver, 2nd–VYS FC Elite Silver

U-9 through U-19 girls’ champions and finalists from second weekend:

U-9G Red: BRYC 02 Elite over Loudoun Soccer 02G Red, 2-1
U-9G White: BRYC 02 Elite Blue over FASA Impact Elite 02, 5-4
U-9G Black: SYA Cardinals ’02 Black over VSA Heat Gold, 1-0
U-9G Gold: ASA Heat Black over VYS Fury Silver, 1-0

U-10G Red: VYS Pride 01 White over PWSI Courage 01 Red, 1-0
U-10G White: FASA Impact 01 over VISTA–Vista Spirit, 3-0
U-10G Black: BRYC 01 Elite Black over Alexandria Pride Red, 2-0

U-11G Red: NVSC Jr. Majestics 00 over PWSI Courage 00 Red, 5-0
U-11G White: NVSC Jr. Majestics 00 Blue over Century United of Pittsburgh FC Elite, 1-0
U-11G Black: SASA Revolution 00 Blue over Loudoun 00G White, 2-0
U-11G Gold: VA Rush Academy Grey over ABGC UNited Girls 2000, 2-1
U-11G Silver: Stafford Revolution 00 White over NVSC Jr Majestics 00 Gold, 1-0
U-11G Bronze: 1st–VYS Freedom White, 2nd–NVSC Jr Majestics 00 White

U-12G Red: ABGC X-treme 99 over FASA Premiere Impact 99, 3-0
U-12G White: BRYC Elite Blue 99 over PWSI 99 White Girls, 4-0
U-12G Black: LFC Tornado White over LOUD 99G White, 6-2

U-13G Prince William Cup: PWSI Courage 98 Red over Alliance SC Red Venom Premier, 8-1
U-13G Red: Herndon Pegasus over Arlington Forza White, 4-0
U-13G White: Chantilly Magic over SYA Cardinals Black 98G, 1-0
U-13G Black: CSC Phoenix over Team America Freedom 98, 1-0
U-13G Gold: NVSC Jr. Majestics 99 over Loudoun 99 Red, 1-0

U-14G Prince William Cup: PWSI Courage 97G Red over SYA Cardinals ’97 Red, 2-1
U-14G Red: VSA Heat White over Sterling Strikers, 2-1
U-14G White: PWSI Courage 97 White over Wilmington Wildcats, 2-0
U-14G Black: BRYC 98 Elite Blue over Loudoun 97G Black, 2-1
U-14G Gold: BAC Fire and Ice over LMVSC Patriots White, 3-1
U-14G Silver: Chantilly Fusion over ABGC Dynamite 97, 2-1

U-15G Prince William Cup: Loudoun 96G Red over SYA Cardinals 96, 3-0
U-15G Red: Loudoun 96G Black over VSA Heat Gold 96, 1-0
U-15G White: 1st–Loudoun Eagles, 2nd–Altoona AC United 96

U-16G Prince William Cup: Herndon Curve over STN Angons, 1-0

U-19G Prince William Cup: HYS Sting over Vista Fury, 1-0
U-19G Red: Kenmore Express over Alliance SC Intensity, 1-0

U-13 through U-19 boys’ champions and finalists:

U-13B Prince William Cup: PWSI Courage 98 Red over Annandale United FC, 2-0
U-13B Red: PWSI Courage 98 White over HYS Rovers West, 2-1
U-13B White: 1st–SYC Strikers Gold, 2nd–VBSC Manchester United
U-13B Black: Thunder SC Revolution over HYS Rovers South, 2-0
U-13B Gold: FASA 98 Hotspurs Premier over Barca FC ’98 Classic, 2-1

U-14B Prince William Cup: Maryland Rush 97 Nike (Cosmos) over McLean MPS 97 Legend Green, 2-0
U-14B Red: ABGC United 97 over NVSC Jr. Royals 97, 3-2
U-14B White: Real Madrid over STER FC White 97, 2-0
U-14B Black: 1st Place Flight A over 1st Place Flight B, 6-0

U-15B Prince William Cup: PWSI Courage 96 Red over Alexandria Titans, 2-1
U-15B Red: AFFC Keystone Krew (PA) 2-1 PK winners PK

U-16B Prince William Cup: BAC Real Blue over ASC Extreme, 3-2
U-16B Red: PWSI Courage 95 White over Culpeper Comets, 3-2
U-16B White: LMVSC Patriots Blue over NVSC Jr. Royals 95 Gold, 3-0

U-17B Prince William Cup: TAFC Team America 94 Red over PWSI Courage 94 Red, 1-0
U-17B Red: Allegheny Force over PWSI Courage 94 White, 2-0

U-19B Prince William Cup: FC Frederick U18/19 over Ramapo Valley Tornados 94 White, 2-1

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