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Youth Boys Feb 06, 2018

Princeton Soccer Association joins Super Y League for 2018 season

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TAMPA, Fla. (Via Super Y League) – On the heels of the recent additions of Manhattan SC and Jersey United SC, the Super Y League has announced the addition of fellow North Atlantic member Princeton Soccer Association for 2018.

“The growth of the Super Y League’s North Atlantic Division this offseason has been a fantastic effort,” said Dominic Colarusso, the USL’s Associate of Business Development. “The addition of Princeton Soccer Association strengthens the SYL’s presence in one of the biggest youth soccer hotbeds in the U.S.”

Princeton Soccer Association, which has previously competed in the SYL and now makes a return, aims to expand its platform to year-round with the addition of the league’s summer-based schedule. The ability to qualify for a national competition in the SYL North American Finals provides players with an opportunity to strive for success, while continuing to develop and participating in high-level competitive matches.

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“We are excited to be a part of the Super Y League for 2018,” said Ollie Hilliker, Princeton Soccer Association Executive Director. “As we continually address the needs of the players in our area, there is a need for high-level meaningful competition during the summer months of June and July that the SYL can provide. This platform will enable elite payers in and around Mercer County the opportunity to train and compete in a fantastic environment outside of their spring or fall seasons. We look forward to continuing the development of youth players in our region all year-round.”

“We are proud to be back with the Super Y league,” said Hilliker. “Princeton SA was a member for many years before taking a different direction for the past few years. We are delighted to be joining back with the league for 2018 as it has taken great strides forward in its operations and quality of competition.”

A part of United Soccer Leagues, LLC, which also operates the Division II USL, the new third-division league and Premier Development League, the Super Y League features a summer platform with an annual North American Championship in December.