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OBGC Capital Cup Labor Day Tournament champions

By Jimmy LaRoue

The OBGC Capital Cup Labor Day Tournament wrapped up with boys’ and girls’ champions being crowned in the Under-9 through U-19 age groups.

The following teams won their respective brackets:

Boys U-19 Premier: OBGC Rangers (Md.) over Annandale Boys and Girls Club (ABGC) 1-0

Boys U-19 Elite: ABGC over Reston SA 94 Rowdies 2-0

Girls U-19 Premier: Panthers United 94 X-Treme (PAE), Loudoun 93G Red (Va.), OBGC Shooting Stars (Md.) 3-1-0, 1st place

Boys U-9 Red: SAC Premier Blue (Md.) 5-2 over Bethesda Blue 03 (Md.)

Boys U-9 White: Ashburn Legends 03 Academy Gold (Va.) 1-0 over Bethesda Green (Md.)

Boys U-9 Blue: Gunston Premier Red (Va.) 1-0 over Bethesda Black

Boys U-10 Red: Bethesda Blue 02TR (Md.) 6-2 over ABGC Knights FC (Va.)

Boys U-10 White: Arlington Barca Red (Va.) 4-1 over Lutherville-Timonium Lightning A (Md.)

Boys U-10 Blue: Barca 02 Premier (Va.) 8-3 over BFC Barca 02 Elite (Va.)

Boys U-10 Yellow: Freedom Arsenal Red (Md.) 3-2 over Potomac Spurs White (Md.)

Boys U-11 Red: Bethesda Blue (Md.) 3-0 over AC Cugini Milan (Va.)

• Boys U-11 White: Pipeline SC Black (Md.) 2-1 over PHWM SC Marlins (Md.)

Boys U-11 Blue: ASC Legends Black (Va.) 3-0 over MSI Viper (Md.)

Boys U-11 Yellow: OBGC Rangers Blue (Md.) 2-0 over SAC Galaxy Elite FC (Md.)

Boys U-12 Premier (8v8): Bethesda SC Blue 2000 (Md.) 3-1 over McLean MPS Hotspur Green (Va.)

Boys U-12 Elite (8v8): BSC Green (Md.) 3-1 over FC Frederick 00 (Md.)

Boys U-12 Championship (8v8): SAC United 2 Powers 1-0 over SAC Chelsea Blue (Md.)

Boys U-12 Premier (11v11): Westminster Wolves Red (Md.) 3-0 over Barca FC 00 Elite (Md.)

Boys U-13 Premier: Baltimore Bays Chelsea Pre-Academy (Md.) 3-1 over Bethesda SC Blue (Md.)

Boys U-13 Elite: Pipeline SC Black (Md.) 5-4 over DC Stoddert Blue Metros 99 (Va.)

Boys U-13 Championship: CAC Cosmos (Md.) 2-1 over SAC United Yellow (Md.)

Boys U-14 Premier: Bethesda Blue (Md.) 2-1 over Pro Futbol PSAFC 98 (Md.)

Boys U-14 Elite: Churchland SL Dawgs (Va.) 2-1 over Arlington Attack Red (Va.)

Boys U-14 Championship: Severna Park Arsenal (Md.) 3-0 over Thunder SC Galaxy (Md.)

Boys U-15 Premier: MSC Diplomats (Md.) 2-0 over Arlington Impact Red (Va.)

Boys U-15 Elite: LMVSC Patriots White (Va.) 4-1 over FWSA Athleticos (Md.)

Boys U-16 Premier: ASA Milan Black Hawks (Md.) 2-0 over DSB Kickers United (Del.)

Boys U-16 Elite: Loudoun 96 Red (Va.) 1-0 over Team America FC 96 (Va.)

Boys U-16 Championship: Annandale United FC (Va.) 4-0-0, 1st place

Boys U-17 Premier: Annandale BGC Hawks (Va.) 3-0-1, 1st place

Boys U-17 Elite: Ashburn SC Extreme (Va.) 2-1 over ODSC Azzurri Elite (Va.)

Girls U-9 Red: PHWM SC Bayhawks Premier (Md.) 4-0-0, 1st place

Girls U-9 White: Ashburn 03 Legends Black (Va.) 2-0 over SAC United Yellow (Md.)

Girls U-10 Red: ASC Explosion Gold (Va.) 2-1 over Freestate North Red (Md.)

Girls U-10 White: ASC Explosion White (Va.) 4-0 over PHWM Patriots (Md.)

Girls U-10 Blue: DC Stoddert Red Metros (Va.) 4-0-0, 1st place

Girls U-11 Red: Premier Angels (Md.) 3-0 over Arlington Samba Red (Va.)

Girls U-11 White: Lutherville-Timonium Strikers (Md.) 1-0 over OBGC Freedom (Md.)

Girls U-11 Blue: SYSA Sterling FC Elite (Va.) 1-0 over SAC United II (Md.)

Girls U-11 Yellow: SAC United Classic III (Md.) 1-0 over Waldorf 01 Orange (Md.)

Girls U-12 Premier: SAC United Premier White (Md.) 3-2 over DC Stoddert Metros Blue (Va.)

Girls U-12 Elite: Davidsonville Extreme (Md.) 2-1 over Alliance Premier 00 (Md.)

Girls U-12 Championship: Sterling FC Elite Black 4-0 over MPS United Gold (Va.)

Girls U-12 Classic: St. Mary’s United Ospreys (Md.) 4-0-0, 1st place

Girls U-12 Premier (11v11): Bethesda Academy 00 Blue 1-0 over Baltimore Bays Magic (Md.)

Girls U-13 Premier: SAC United (Md.) 2-0 over Premier SC Thunder (Md.)

Girls U-13 Elite: MSC Panthers (Md.) 2-1 over SAC-HC United (Md.)

Girls U-13 Championship: OBGC Galaxy (Md.) 1-0 over FSC Wildfire (Md.)

Girls U-14 Premier: Loudoun 98 Red (Va.) 1-0 over ASA Azzurri (Md.)

Girls U-14 Elite: DC Stoddert Metros Blue 1998 (Va.) 2-0 over Annandale BGC Xtreme 98 White

Girls U-14 Championship: Reston United (Va.) 2-1 over SYC Stampede (Va.)

Girls U-14 Classic: Pipeline SC Black (Md.) 2-0 over SAC Warriors (Md.)

Girls U-15 Premier: Loudoun Soccer 97G Red (Va.) 1-0 over Patuxent Football Academy (Md.)

Girls U-15 Elite: DC Stoddert Metros Red 97 (Va.) 3-0-1, 1st place

Girls U-17 Premier: Loudoun Soccer 95G Red (Va.) 3-0 over Loudoun Soccer 95G Black (Va.)

Girls U-16/17 Elite: Loudoun Soccer 96G Red (Va.) 3-0-1, 1st place


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