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NCAA Dec 05, 2022

NCAA Men’s and Women’s 2022 Regional Coaching Staff of the Year awards announced

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — United Soccer Coaches announced the 2022 Region Staff of the Year recipients for NCAA Divisions I, II, and III men’s and women’s soccer.Each of the 52 (26 men’s and 26 women’s) staffs receiving Region Staff of the Year honors will be recognized at the College Coaches Awards Ceremony at the United Soccer Coaches Convention on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023, in Philadelphia, Pa.In addition, the Region Staff of the Year recipients will be placed on the ballot for United Soccer Coaches National Staff of the Year consideration within their respective NCAA division. National Staff of the Year voting opens December 7, 2022.

2022 NCAA Men’s Region Staff of the Year

NCAA Division I
Region School and Staff
Atlantic Lipscomb University
Head Coach: Charles Morrow
Assistants: Micah Bledsoe, Sean Johnson and Kyle Bahr
East Florida International University
Head Coach: Kyle Russell
Assistants: Dannie Meridia, Lucas Champenois and Nicholas Itopoulouis
Far West University of Washington
Head Coach: Jamie Clark
Assistants: Mark Collings, Richard Reece and Pedro Millan
North Rutgers University
Head Coach: Jim McElderry
Assistants: Gavin Wyse, Tyler Stakiwicz and Joe Mortarulo
Northeast University of Pennsylvania
Head Coach: Brian Gill
Assistants: Steve DeMatteo, Matt Poplawski and Ryan Sandell
South Syracuse University
Head Coach: Ian McIntyre
Assistants: Jukka Masalin, Sean Lawlor and Michael Flynn
Southeast University of Kentucky
Head Coach: Johan Cedergren
Assistants: Josh Oldroyd, Ryan Zinkhan and Sam Brooks
West University of San Diego
Head Coach: Brian Quinn
Assistants: Mike Nicholson, Frankie Sanfilippo and Matthew Deemer
NCAA Division II
Region School
Atlantic Mercyhurst University
Head Coach: Ryan Osborne
Assistants: Austin Solomon, Ross Stewart and John Melody
Central Southern Nazarene University
Head Coach: Trevor Harmon
Assistants: Joel Mcilroy, Jose Marrufo
East Franklin Pierce University
Head Coach: Ruben Resendes
Assistants: Brendan Pacheco, Andres Martins and Dominik Machado
Midwest Saginaw Valley State University
Head Coach: Louis Barrow
Assistants: Nduka Kemjika, Robbie Bruce and Damon Favero
South Florida Tech
Head Coach: Robin Chan
Assistants: Nick Robinson, Chris Callaghan and Martin Peat
South Central St. Mary’s University
Head Coach: Johnny Clifford
Assistants: Gary Tucker, Dave Ormiston and Zak Snell
Southeast Wingate University
Head Coach: Gary Hamill
Assistants: Harry Crosbee and Aksel Juul
West Cal State Dominguez Hills
Head Coach: Eddie Soto
Assistants: Patryk Tenorio, Edward Garcia and Hunter Stewart
NCAA Division III
Region School
Region I Western Connecticut State University
Head Coach: Joe Mingachos
Assistants: Steven Carniero, Alex Stoian and Joe Falstoe
Region II Emerson College
Head Coach: Daniel Toulson
Assistants: Liam McKersie and Colin Connolly
Region III SUNY Oneonta
Head Coach: Iain Byrne
Assistants: Brian Wagstaff and Joanne Murphy
Region IV Stevens Institute of Technology
Head Coach: Dale Jordan
Assistants: Chris Koch, Jordan Schreer and Patrick Masur
Region V Messiah University
Head Coach: Brad McCarty
Assistants: Aaron Faro, Justin Johnson and Benji Kennel
Region VI University of Mary Washington
Head Coach: Jason Kilby
Assistants: Mike Webb, David Yates and Keith Moser
Region VII Kenyon College
Head Coach: Chris Brown
Assistants: Darren Moore and Andy Brinkman
Region VIII University of Chicago
Head Coach: Julianne Sitch
Assistants: Michael Mauro and Kevin Schmid
Region IX Gustavus Adolphus College
Head Coach: Tudor Flintham
Assisstants: Tyler Oliver, David Jansen and Henry Taylor
Region X University of Saint Thomas
Head Coach: Ian Clerihew
Assistants: Alex Baez, Manu Hernandez and Ivan Marquez

2022 NCAA Women’s Region Staff of the Year

NCAA Division I
Region School and Staff
Atlantic Florida State University
Head Coach: Brian Pensky
Assistants: Bobby Shuttleworth, Aaron Brunner and Andrew Hudson
East Saint Louis University
Head Coach: Katie Shields
Assistants: Chris Allen, Olivia Silverman and Elli Brunts
Midwest Texas Christian University
Head Coach: Eric Bell
Assistants: Ryan Higginbotham, Tom Serratore and Ana Auger-Crossman
North Michigan State University
Head Coach: Jeff Hosler
Assistants: Gabe Romo, Megan Link and Tara Lierman
Pacific UCLA
Head Coach: Marguerite Aozasa
Assistants: Goffin Boyoko, Molly Poletto and Chelsea Tudela
South University of Memphis
Head Coach: Brooks Monaghan
Assistants: Jonathan Walker, Jordan Darling and Ted Bartels
Southeast University of Alabama
Head Coach: Wes Hart
Assistants: Mike Piserchio, Jerrod Roh and Ashleigh Ellinwood
West University of Portland
Head Coach: Michelle French
Assistants: Logan Emory, Maite Zabala and Brianna Miyama
NCAA Division II
Region School
Atlantic West Chester University
Head Coach: Betty Ann Kempf Townsley
Assistants: Maddie Evans
Central Bemidji State University
Head Coach: Jim Stone
Assistants: Mike Korman, Julian Lacata and Staci Hill
East Franklin Pierce University
Head Coach: Matt Johnson
Assistants: Daniel Milton, Rachel Hardy and Kevon Isa
Midwest Maryville University of St. Louis
Head Coach: Lori Chalupny Lawson
Assistants: Eric Delabar; Ian McReynolds and Jason Turkington
South University of West Florida
Head Coach: Joe Bartlinski
Assistants: Dustin Smith, Mark Yepishin and Mary Mancin
South Central Colorado School of Mines
Head Coach: Kevin Fickes
Assistants: Shannon DeVoe, Brent McGee and April Kater
Southeast Columbus State University
Head Coach: Jay Entlich
Assistants: Joanna Fennema, Sydney Hall
West University of Hawaii-Hilo
Head Coach: Gene Okamura
Assistants: Landon Salvador, Jordan Zand
NCAA Division III
Region School
Region I Amherst College
Head Coach: Jennifer Hughes
Assistants: Su DelGuercio and Jeff Huffman
Region II Emerson College
Head Coach: David Suvak
Assistants: Colin Connolly, Loy Urbina and Kate Kohler
Region III Ithaca College
Head Coach: Mindy Quigg
Assistants: Javi Mejia, Tom Keane and Andy Byrne
Region IV Misericordia University
Head Coach: Mark Stauffer
Assistants: None
Region V Johns Hopkins University
Head Coach: Dan Weiler
Assistants: Greg Ridout, Jen Nance and Liz Koehling
Region VI Christopher Newport University
Head Coach: Jamie Gunderson
Assistants: Sean Killion and Brian Libert
Region VII Case Western Reserve University
Head Coach: Abby Richter
Assistants: Cameron Shedenhelm and Kaleigh Piscioneri
Region VIII Illinois Wesleyan University
Head Coach: Oz Bakirdan
Assistants: Anna Tristani
Region IX University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Head Coach: Jason Murphy
Assisstants: Ashley St. Aubin, Joe Czerniak and Lily Brock
Region X University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Head Coach: Barry Elkins
Assistants: Charis Hill

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