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USYS Jun 19, 2019

National League teams qualify for 2019 National Championships

FRISCO, Texas — Following consistently high-level performances throughout the season, US Youth Soccer National League teams in the 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U and 19U Boys and Girls age groups have qualified to compete in the 2019 US Youth Soccer National Championships, which are being held July 22-28 in Overland Park, Kan.

By way of their success in the 2018-19 National League season, the division winners in each age group, along with second-place finishers in each division in the 19U age group, have earned a direct path to the National Championships. Annually, the final leg of the nation’s most elite and prestigious cup competition provides teams with the opportunity for additional exposure to collegiate and national staff scouts and the chance to capture the National Championship title in their respective age group.

2018-19 National League representatives for the 2019 US Youth Soccer National Championships

14U Boys
Black Champion: Raiders FC – 2005 (IL) 
Blue Champion: Pennine United 05 (OH-N) 
Red Champion: Nationals Union 05 Black (MI) 
White Champion: Libertyville FC 1974 Elite (IL)

15U Boys
Black Champion: PA Dominion 04 (PA-E) 
Blue Champion: Nationals Union 04 Black (MI)*
Red Champion: Oklahoma Energy FC 04 Central (OK)
White Champion: Real Jersey FC (NJ)

16U Boys
Black Champion: SLSG 2003 Elite (MO) 
Blue Champion: Seattle United B03 Copa (WA) 
Red Champion: Baltimore Celtic Premier (MD) 
White Champion: Beadling 2003 South Red (PA-W)

17U Boys
Black Champion: Washington Premier 2002 Black (WA) 
Blue Champion: OK Energy FC Central 02 (OK)
Red Champion: Arlington SA 2002 Red (VA)*
White Champion: Solar 02 Castro (TX-N) 

18U Boys
Black Champion: OBGC Rangers Blue 2001 (MD)
Blue Champion: PPA KSA 01 Pro-Profile (GA)
Red Champion: Solar 01 Stricker (TX-N)
White Champion: Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 01 Black (PA-E)

19U Boys
Blue Champion: Lehigh Valley United 2000 Black (PA-E)
Blue Runner-up: Ohio Premier NL (OH-S) 
Red Champion: LMSC Rats (PA-E)
Red Runner-up: Baltimore Celtic SC 00 (MD)*

14U Girls
Black Champion: Lou Fusz Geerling 05 (MO)
Blue Champion: NJ Stallions 05 Fire (NJ)
Red Champion: D’Feeters 05 Black (TX-N)
White Champion: TFA Elite 05 (OH-S)

15U Girls
Black Champion: Utah Celtic FC (UT)
Blue Champion: LVSA 04 Red (NV) 
Red Champion: Philadelphia SC Coppa Swarm 04 (PA-E) 
White Champion: SC Waukesha 04 Girls Blue (WI)

16U Girls
Black Champion: Legends IE (CA-S)
Blue Champion: San Diego Soccer Club Academy-Navy (CA-S)
Red Champion: LVSA 03 Red (NV)
White Champion: Lou Fusz 03 Blue (MO)

17U Girls
Black Champion: Cleveland FC 02 (OH-N)
Blue Champion: Pipeline 02 Pre-Academy Spirit (MD)
Red Champion: SJEB Rush 02 Academy Blue (NJ)*
White Champion: North Shore United 2002 Blue (WI)

18U Girls
Black Champion: Premier Navy 2001 (MD) 
Blue Champion: Celtic FC Premier JR (UT)
Red Champion: MI Jaguars 2001 Green (MI)
White Champion: TFA Elite 01 (OH-S)

19U Girls
Blue Champion: Sunrise Sting 2000 (FL)*
Blue Runner-up: MapleBrook Fury (MN) 
Red Champion: Campton United Red (IL)
Red Runner-up: Legends FC South (CA-S)

Defending National Champion

By US Youth Soccer State Association: Eastern Pennsylvania (5), Maryland (5), Cal South (3), Illinois (3), Michigan (3), Missouri (3), New Jersey (3), North Texas (3), Ohio South (3), Nevada (2), Ohio North (2), Oklahoma (2), Utah (2), Washington (2), Wisconsin (2), Florida (1), Georgia (1), Minnesota (1), Pennsylvania West (1), Virginia (1)

National League Boys Results:
A loss in its penultimate game of the season left Raiders FC 2005 (IL) with work to do on the final day of the season, when the Illinois side earned a 4-1 win to hold on to first place in the 14U Black Division. Pennine United 05 (OH-N) also needed a final day win in a matchup of the top teams in the 14U Blue Division to claim the title. The trend continued in the 14U Red Division, where Nationals Union 05 Black (MI) used a 1-0 win over the group leader to jump into first place. Meanwhile, Libertyville FC 1974 Elite (IL) used strong defense to distance itself from the 14U White Division field and clinch the title.

In a must-win final match, PA Dominion 04 (PA-E) pulled away for a 4-1 win to clinch the 15U Black Division title. Nationals Union 04 Black (MI) also won a group-deciding final game to finish on top of the 15U Blue Division after outscoring opponents, 16-to-3. With two key victories to close out its week in Orlando, Oklahoma Energy FC 04 Central (OK) picked up enough points to finish as the top team in the 15U Red Division. Real Jersey FC (NJ) also ended its season with a big win, as it earned a 1-0 victory in a matchup of the top two 15U White Division sides that allowed it to clinch the title.

With goals at a premium in all of its games, SLSG 2003 Elite (MO) picked up the results necessary to win the 16U Black Division. Seattle United B03 Copa (WA) won all five of its games by one-goal margins to secure the 16U Blue Division title, while Baltimore Celtic Premier (MD) also went unbeaten in a tight group to win the 16U Red Division with three close wins and two draws. In the 16U White Division, Beadling 2003 South Red (PA-W) began the season with a pair of dominant wins before picking up results from three tight matches in Las Vegas to clinch the division title.

Washington Premier 2002 Black (WA) picked up seven points from its three games in Las Vegas to leave with the 17U Black Division title. Meanwhile, OK Energy FC Central 02 (OK) netted a late equalizer to tie its sixth game and get the point it needed to finish first in the 17U Blue Division. Needing just a draw in its sixth match, defending National Champion Arlington SA 2002 Red (VA) left no doubt as it finished its campaign with a 3-0 victory to win the 17U Red Division. Solar 02 Castro (TX-N) won the 17U White Division in a similar fashion, as it picked up a 2-1 victory in its sixth match to secure first place.

In a must-win final game, OBGC Rangers Blue 2001 (MD) earned a 2-0 win to secure first place in the 18U Black Division. With a strong attacking presence, PPA KSA 01 Pro-Profile (GA) finished first in the 18U Blue Division — wrapping up the title with a 3-2 victory in a must-win sixth game. Another team with a high-powered offense, Solar 01 Stricker (TX-N), averaged more than four goals per game en route to winning the 18U Red Division. On the other hand, Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 01 Black (PA-E) used one draw and three wins by one-goal margins to claim the 18U White Division title.

Lehigh Valley United 2000 Black (PA-E) started its 19U Blue Division campaign with four straight shutout victories to secure a top-two finish when it wrapped up play in Orlando. The March results in Las Vegas allowed LVU to clinch the title, while Ohio Premier NL (OH-S) — the lone team to beat LVU — won its sixth game to secure second place in the Blue Division. In the 19U Red Division, LMSC Rats (PA-E) won all five of their games to finish in first place, while Baltimore Celtic SC 00 (MD) finished with two straight wins to earn a berth to Nationals with a second-place finish.

National League Girls Results:
Lou Fusz Geerling 05 (MO) went a perfect 7-0-0 — with four 1-0 victories — to win the 14U Black Division. Conversely, NJ Stallions 05 Fire (NJ), which was winless through its first three games, won its last four matches to come out on top of a tightly packed 14U Blue Division. Thanks to the highest-scoring offense in the 14U Red Division, D’Feeters 05 Black (TX-N) finished in first place on a goal differential tiebreaker. In the 14U White Division, TFA Elite 05 (OH-S) conceded just one goal en route to an undefeated season and division title.

Three straight clean sheets to finish its season allowed Utah Celtic FC (UT) to secure first place in the 15U Black Division. Meanwhile, two late goals in a must-win sixth match helped LVSA 04 Red (NV) to a 3-2 win to wrap up its season as the 15U Blue Division champion. The 15U Red Division also came down to a sixth game, in which Philadelphia SC Coppa Swarm 04 (PA-E) capped a strong campaign with a shutout victory to finish in first place. SC Waukesha 04 Girls Blue (WI) left no doubt in winning the 15U White Division, as it won each of its games while showcasing strong play on both ends of the field.

After a couple of one-goal wins to start the season, Legends IE (CA-S) went on a run to finish 7-0-0 and win the 16U Black Division. San Diego Soccer Club Academy-Navy (CA-S) also won each of its matches, as it averaged nearly four goals per game while winning the 16U Blue Division. LVSA 03 Red (NV) followed an opening match tie with six straight victories to claim the 16U Red Division title. Meanwhile, Lou Fusz 03 Blue (MO) won all of its matches to secure the 16U White Division title during the girls’ January event in Florida.

With the 17U Black Division’s most potent offense, Cleveland FC 02 (OH-N) overpowered opponents en route to a first-place finish. There was more doubt in the 17U Blue Division, where Pipeline 02 Pre-Academy Spirit (MD) pulled away in a must-win game on the final day in Las Vegas to pick up the victory and secure the title. Despite a loss to begin its second event of the season in Florida, SJEB Rush 02 Academy Blue (NJ) rebounded to win its final two games and wrap up the 17U Red Division title. North Shore United 2002 Blue (WI) averaged more than four goals per game to go 6-0-1 and win the 17U White Division.

Premier Navy 2001 (MD) conceded just one goal during an undefeated season that saw it wrap up the 18U Black Division title during play in Florida. In the 18U Blue Division, Celtic FC Premier JR (UT) picked up three key wins during the weekend in Las Vegas to finish 7-0-0 and in first place. Meanwhile, MI Jaguars 2001 Green (MI) won its first four games by one-goal margins and finished its season 6-0-1 to secure the 18U Red Division title. A draw on the final day in Las Vegas proved to be enough for TFA Elite 01 (OH-S) to win the 18U White Division, as it finished one point ahead of three teams in standings.

Both 2018 National Championship finalists came out on top of their 19U Girls divisions. Defending champ Sunrise Sting 2000 (FL) won all seven of its games — five by 1-0 score lines — to win the Blue Division, while 2018 National runner-up Campton United Red (IL) went 6-0-1 to win the Red Division. MapleBrook Fury (MN) dropped points only to Sunrise, as it won six games to wrap up second place in the Blue Division. In the Red Division, seven points from three games in Las Vegas helped Legends FC South (CA-S) finish in second and punch a ticket to Nationals.

The 48 Boys and Girls teams that qualified for the National Championships through the National League will be joined by 56 US Youth Soccer Regional Champions to complete the field of 104 teams this summer in Overland Park, Kan.

The National League provides an avenue for teams to play in meaningful matches against top competition from across the country for continued development and opportunities for exposure at the national team, collegiate and professional levels. National League teams earn their place in the league based on a proven track record of success in US Youth Soccer regional and national competitions and are among the nation’s best. Competing for a league title and a spot in the US Youth Soccer National Championships, each and every game plays a meaningful part in determining the top finishers.

The National League’s alumni have gone on to prove themselves at the collegiate and professional levels, with former players competing in NCAA Division I, II and III, Major League Soccer, National Women’s Soccer League, the UEFA Champions League and the Olympics. National League alumna Morgan Brian was on the United States’ 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup championship team, and Brian is one of four National League alumnae — along with Rose Lavelle, Samantha Mewis and Emily Sonnett — who are currently on the U.S. Women’s National Team for the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

The US Youth Soccer National Championships cap a yearlong series of competitions that comprise the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Boys and girls teams in multiple age groups earn their way by competing against the top teams in their state and region. US Youth Soccer State Champions and selected wildcard teams are eligible to compete in one of four US Youth Soccer Regional Championships. The champions in the 13U through 19U age groups from each regional event will converge in the finals with the National League teams. Click here for the dates and locations of the Regional Championships.

2019 US Youth Soccer National Championships | Overland Park, Kan.
Player Luncheon: July 22
Round Robin: July 23-25
Semis: July 27
Finals: July 26 (13U) and July 28 (14U-19U)

For more information on the US Youth Soccer National Championships, visit, the online home for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, providing the latest in news, information and more.

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