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Youth Girls May 10, 2019

Girls ECNL Regional League 2020 Post-Season announced

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RICHMOND, VA (Via ECNL) – The Girls ECNL Regional League platform will be formally launched this August with multiple leagues across the country, following successful pilot programs during the 2018-19 season.

Providing immediate meaning, winners of the 2019-2020 Girls ECNL Regional Leagues will qualify for the new Open Cup Division of the Girls ECNL Playoffs in June, where they will also compete against qualifying teams from the Girls ECNL.

Beginning in 2020, the Girls ECNL Open Cup will be the 4th division of the ECNL Playoffs, and will include three age groups (U15, U16, U17). Qualifying teams will compete in a knockout style bracket for the Open Cup championship. The ECNL Playoffs will continue to include the Champions League, North American Cup, and Showcase Cup divisions.

“Providing a post-season linkage between the ECNL Regional Leagues and the Girls ECNL itself will provide immediate exposure and value for players and teams in the ECNL Regional Leagues, while also allowing clubs to demonstrate their quality on a national stage,” said President Christian Lavers. “We are excited to begin creating a pathway that will provide opportunity to a whole new group of players and teams across the country.”

While extending an ECNL experience to new players and teams, the Girls ECNL Regional Leagues will also provide a platform for objective evaluation of new member clubs for the Girls ECNL in future years.

All Girls ECNL Regional Leagues will be operated and managed by the ECNL to insure professionalism and exceptional experience.

Additional information on the 2019-2020 Girls ECNL Regional League platform and membership will be released in the coming weeks.

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